Gallant Mandarin duck palm

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Jin Zhenzi and Tie Yuxian looked at these two men. They turned out to be the two men they had seen outside

Jin Zhenzi and Tie Yuxian looked at these two men. They turned out to be the two men they had seen outside the Charity Castle when they invited Shui Tiangu. But they didn't know their names. It was obvious that these two men had followed them. They said angrily, "Why are you peeping here?" The man said proudly, "I hear we're fighting for the best in the world.." Jin Zhenzi said, "The Lord of God has killed the Yin Feng Witch. Naturally, the Lord of God is the best in the world.." "I've beaten her, too," said the man. "I'm the best in the world." "Who is your excellency?" Asked Tie Yuxian? Can you tell me the name? ?” The man grinned and said, "Master of the Magic Flute!" Pointing to the woman, he said, "Nun Piaopiao, go and tell the God of the Desert that there is a man here who has the best martial arts in the world and wants to see him!" Tie Yuxian glanced at Jin Zhenzi. Tie Yuxian said, "You don't have to tell me. We'll take you to see the God!" The Magic Flute Master glanced at Piaopiao Nun. Piaopiao Nun said, "It's all right.." Say that finish, then with the magic flute childe followed the golden iron double fox left the strange stone, came to the pine tree. Magic Flute Childe and Piaopiao Nun stood still in front of the huge stone, and saw that the desert king was still staring at the distant sky, motionless, as if he did not know that they had come to his side. Jin Tie Shuang Hu came to the side of the desert God. Jin Zhenzi said, "Tell the God, one of these two men is called the Magic Flute Childe, and the other is called Piaopiao Nun." With a tremor on his shoulder, the Great Desert God whispered,drum spill containment, "Master of the Magic Flute?" Suddenly he turned around and took a look at Master of the Magic Flute and Piaopiao Nun in front of him. He said in a deep voice, "Was it your excellency who killed the Japanese'Snow Mountain One Star 'Ghost Sword Hero at the North and South Heroes' Meeting in the past?" "I don't want to mention the past, because it will bring more painful memories to people," said the Magic Flute Childe proudly. Piaopiao Nun glanced at the fallen body of Shui Tiangu and said coldly, "If you kill her, you also kill yourself!" "What do you mean?" Asked the Great Desert God coldly. "When you first arrived in the Central Plains, you didn't know the power of the Iron and Blood Alliance," said Piaopiao Nun. "If you kill their leader, will they let you go?" "That's not true,collapsible pallet box," said the Great Desert God! I killed her and soon became the leader of Wulin! What can a mere alliance of iron and blood do to me? !” Master Magic Flute smiled coldly and said, "Please say it again. Did you say you want to be the leader of Wulin?" Just as the Great Desert God was about to open his mouth, Jin Zhenzi, who was standing beside him, said angrily, "What's all the fuss about? The God's martial arts are the best in the world. He doesn't deserve to be the leader of Wulin. Do you deserve it?" Master Magic Flute said coldly, "In the past year, when I killed the Snow Mountain Star, I told the heroes in the martial arts world that I would fight with anyone who wants to dominate the martial arts world and be the best in the world.." The Great Desert God said in a deep voice, "I have always regarded you as an opponent.." Your'Devil 72 Killer 'is far more frightening than'Ghost Wind'. Magic Flute Childe slightly surprised tunnel: "You know the next martial arts..." "It can be said that I am the best-informed person in the world," said the Great Desert God proudly. "I believe in your power," said the Magic Flute. If I hadn't just seen you fighting with Shuitiangu, I would know almost nothing about you! "Do you still want to fight it out with me?" Asked the Great Desert God. "How about we win or lose in one move?" Asked Mr. Magic Flute. "Let me see the'Thunder Strike 'in the'Seventy-two Killers'," said the Great Desert God! That's the most aggressive killer. !” Master Magic Flute said coldly, "It's not a good thing for you to reveal the truth before you make a move." "I seem to have taken advantage of you, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet manufacturer," said the Great Desert God. "I can tell you what I want to do." "What move?" Asked the Master of the Magic Flute. The Great Desert God said, "The second unique move in the'Wind, Thunder, Thunderbolt, and Thunder Legs' is the'Ghost, Shadow, and Divine Form '.". ” "Why don't you use the first one?" Asked the Master of the Magic Flute. "Unless you're in a desperate situation," said the desert God coldly. "Wouldn't it be a pity if you died under my'thunderbolt '," said the Master of the Magic Flute, "and I wouldn't be able to win.." "Let's have a try," said the Great Desert God proudly. "Maybe it's not me who fell down.." When Piaopiao Nun and Jintie Shuanghu heard this, they retreated. The Master of the Magic Flute had already pulled out the bamboo flute from his waist, and he had finished breathing secretly. "I'm going to make a move.." he said coldly. The desert God nodded slightly, his eyes shining, staring at the magic flute childe, motionless, but his chest sank together, and he kept agitating. Suddenly, the magic flute childe clear roar-sound, the body in the air, lightly floating to the head of the desert God, at the same time, in the hands of the bamboo flute hit a thunderous force, pressure to the desert God's Baihui cave, the move; It was the "Thunder Strike" in the "Tianmo 72 Killer" that killed Deng Yuqiu, the leader of Wulin in the past year, who died under this move of the Japanese killer "Revenge Messenger". Before that, Shuitiangu's "Ghost Wind" was also defeated by this move. The desert God king saw the magic flute childe floating attack, then a loud roar, the body also rose in the air, then in the magic flute childe waving flute pressure at the same time, the body shot out flat, legs hit two strong wind, to meet the pressure of the bamboo flute, but see the legs hit a strong wind, then listen to the "card" a crisp sound, magic flute Childe body in the air a turn, lightly fell to the ground, and then in the hands of the bamboo flute only half. As soon as the magic flute childe fell to the ground, the desert God also floated down. As soon as his feet fell to the ground, his body shook violently. He lifted his mask and spurted a mouthful of blood. He immediately jumped onto the huge stone, sat cross-legged on it, and began to exercise and breathe. Then look at the magic flute childe still standing motionless, but suddenly a tremor all over, a sad cry, straight down on his back. Seeing this, the Piaopiao nun rushed to the front and saw that the magic flute childe's eyes were closed and his breath was still alive. Immediately, his almond eyes were wide open and he drew his sword in his hand. With a cold shout, he rushed to the desert God of the huge stone. Piaopiao nun figure has not yet reached the front of the boulder, next to the gold and iron double fox both swept out,plastic pallet manufacturer, blocking Piaopiao nun, but see Jin Zhenzi cold shout, wave palm split face to attack Piaopiang nun.