Kill God Kill God

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He seemed to be in a wonderful situation of soul out of body, mind empty, so he looked up at the sky silently

He seemed to be in a wonderful situation of soul out of body, mind empty, so he looked up at the sky silently, watching the magnetic field of life from prosperity to extinction, those moments of magnificence, unexpectedly let him feel a kind of touching.. He indulged in it, his soul seemed to be sublimated, the altar trembled wonderfully, and the secret of life and death seemed to be inspired, reflecting the beautiful changes of life and death into his heart one by one, and he was silently experiencing and feeling. I don't know how long it took, but the altar of his soul whirled rapidly, and the profound meaning of life and death was sublimated. A kind of understanding about life and death gradually grew and permeated his heart, giving him a deeper understanding of life and death. Knowledge of the sea gradually set off waves, slowly extended, the body of Jingyuan ancient trees such as re-growth, a little bit of crystal branches spread upward, Dantian cyclone is slowly wriggling, producing a strong suction force. Like an epiphany, he suddenly woke up from the wonderful secret place. His eyes flashed the same magic, staring blankly at the sky, and his whole body trembled. Virtual Divine Realm! At such a strange and dangerous moment, he actually took the profound meaning of life and death as a breakthrough, entered the secret realm of the virtual gods, and stepped into a new level of realm! Pow! The corpse of the bodyguard of a medicine cabinet fell at his feet and was bloody and lifeless. His eyes showed despair and helplessness. The magnetic field of life disappeared little by little and returned to nothingness. Come back Just then, Du Lin gave a low shout from above,jujube seed powder, only to see the people of the ghost clan, who were bathed in blood all over their bodies, flying back to the crater of the extinct volcano with ferocious faces. Du Lin took a deep breath and flashed a flash of lightning in his hand. A great thunderbolt, like a rainbow, suddenly fell down with the sound of thunder. Those who still remained at the entrance of the passage were hit by the lightning in an instant. Almost in an instant, all their breath disappeared. The remaining dozen or so medicine cabinet warriors died tragically in an instant under the blow of Du Lin's Thunder Spear. Du Lin's expression was cold and stern, his face was proud and indifferent, and the thunder spear in his hand was interwoven with the thunder electricity all over the sky, and the void was oppressed by a blow. Fu Wei was pale and hurried to sacrifice the Xuantian Glacier,pumpkin seed extract, but she seemed to be a little slower. Wonderful ripples, such as the curtain of water quietly from Xia Xinyan's body to the sky, the profound meaning of time, the spear shot like thunder and lightning, if the speed is slowed down, if time slows down, everyone's strength has passed several times slower. Xia Xinyan's eyebrows were twisted, and she was still running the mystery of time, affecting the offensive of Du Lin's Thunder Spear. Her face was a little pale, and she looked a little laborious, and it was a bit too much for her to stop Du Lin's attack on the Triple Heaven of the Virtual God, which was also urged by the Thunder Spear of the Primordial Divine Soldier. Du Lin's power in the thunder spear continued to increase, but the spear could not be fast all the time, like a snail, so slow that people would have a nervous breakdown. Although slow, but the thunder spear is still approaching inch by inch, Xia Xinyan, who continues to run for a long time, saw palmetto extract ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, the strength in her body is also passing rapidly, and her face is getting paler and paler, which makes Shi Yan heartache. Frowning, Shiyan slowly inhaled, suddenly found that such a simple action, unexpectedly also extremely laborious, as if the divine body was bound by the meaning of time, can not move calmly. Looking slowly at Xia Xinyan beside him, he had an illusion that even his own consciousness seemed to be influenced by the profound meaning of time, and that his reaction to one thing had become slower than before for countless times. The profound meaning of time and the profound meaning of space were called the two wonders of the world, and they were indeed very magical. Clenching his teeth, he suddenly gave a low shout, with spatial fluctuations in his voice, as if he had broken the imprisonment of time. A wisp of blood light, in front of the thunder God spear suddenly emerged, the blood light was very small at the beginning, but instantly swelled, suddenly turned into a ferocious blood shield, the blood mark in the shield emerged, a shocking evil breath suddenly covered the whole passage. Whew! Xia Xinyan bent her waist and suddenly sat down, her eyes showing a trace of fatigue. Boom! The Thunder Spear suddenly fell, but it did not directly impact the inside of the passage, failing to harm any of the warriors of the Medicine Pavilion and the Wind Warfare Department. A bloody shield on the tip of the spear, like the most solid barrier in the world, firmly blocked all the sharp blows. History repeats itself! The tip of the thunder spear shook violently, but the blood-colored shield stood still, and the blood-colored mark flashed with evil light, gathering the breath of death of the surrounding warriors in an instant. Layers of blood, like flames, rippled from the shield, and the evil and violent breath enveloped every corner. Du Lin's face was cold, and he stared down, his eyes showing a touch of imperceptible fear. He froze for a moment, took a deep breath, and when his thoughts changed, he wanted to pull the thunder spear out and prepare for another plan. Explosion A tearing roar roared out of the mouth of the rock below, and the sound shook the sky. I saw the mark on the surface of the bloody shield, like the most turbulent bloody volcano, suddenly came earth-shaking fluctuations, which had no sound, but the hidden power destroyed the world. The spear of thunder, which was pulled by Du Lin's divine consciousness, could not break free. With the explosion of the bloody fire, the spear sent out a shrill cry, shaking again and again, as if it had been hit hard. There was even a crisp cracking sound inside the spear of thunder, like a human bone being broken. Du Lin's face was unhealthily red, the tip of his tongue was sweet, and a mouthful of blood almost burst out. His face was shocked, his eyes were frightened, and his whole body's strength was condensed into the sea of knowledge, and the energy wave of divine consciousness came out again. The shaky spear of thunder finally turned into a flash of lightning and successfully flew back from the bloody shield and fell into the palm of Du Lin. Du Lin secretly breathed a sigh of relief, looked down strangely, did not dare to act rashly, his face became extremely ugly, he was sure of something. At the bottom of the extinct volcano, on the spacious stone floor,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, Fu Wei gawked at the huge bloody shield in the sky, her pretty face became extremely strange, and she did not know how long it was before her neck moved and she looked at Shiyan with some difficulty.