Sky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of Love

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"Where is my son?"? Li Juefeng, where is our son? Gu Xiaoai struggled in his arms and asked. He's dead! Li Juefeng shouted, holding her arm in both hands, "Gu Xiaoai, calm down!"

"Where is my son?"? Li Juefeng, where is our son? Gu Xiaoai struggled in his arms and asked. He's dead! Li Juefeng shouted, holding her arm in both hands, "Gu Xiaoai, calm down!" "How can you calm down?!" Gu Xiaoai struggled desperately, "you are talking nonsense!"! Our son won't die, he won't die! "Gu-Xiao-Ai!" Gu Xiaoai was so excited that the whole person was struggling and twisting, and his strength had never been greater. Li Juefeng tried his best to pick her up and throw her on the hospital bed, bent his knees and pressed her legs, strangled her arms with both hands, and his breath was a little unstable. "My son is dead, and you have to accept it even if you don't accept it!" "I don't accept it!" Gu Xiaoai shouted, tears trickling down, "When I was on the operating table, I heard him crying." I really heard his voice. He won't die, Li Jue Feng, our son won't die. The son will not walk in front of her. How can a son die? He won't die, he won't die,empty lotion tubes, he won't die. Her voice was pitifully hoarse, and every word was like a sharp weapon stuck in his heart, which made his heart stop beating with pain. Gu Xiaoai, he's dead! Li Juefeng just repeated this sentence and let her accept the fact. Chapter 1286: The Only Child Is Dead (23) Gu Xiaoai's limbs were suppressed by him, no longer struggling, tears surged down, blurred the line of sight. He is our son.. He won't die,eye cream packing tube, he won't. Gu Xiaoai cried tears into a line, murmuring only this sentence. As if by saying so, their son would really come back to life. Li Juefeng no longer pressed her, hugged her on the bed, reached out to hold her in his arms, and stroked her tearful cheeks with his big palm, "Gu Xiaoai, as if he had never appeared." …… When she didn't show up? How can you do such a thing? On the cabinet beside the wall, there is a thick stack of mother and baby magazines. How many times has she seen it? She even ordered a bunch of toys in a magazine. Her belly was really big, she really felt the process of pregnancy, all the reactions she really felt. How is it possible that this kid never showed up. "He is our only son." Gu Xiaoai leaned weakly in his arms and his voice trembled. It was their son, and she could not conceive a second child in her present body. This is their only crystallization, and there won't be another one. The only child.. Died. Gu Xiaoai's body trembled even more, plastic packing tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, Li Jue Feng hugged her tightly. Li Juefeng took her to the cemetery where the child was buried. There was no word engraved on the tombstone. Gu Xiaoai crouched down and reached out to touch the square tablet with only a bunch of flowers on it. Their son.. Gu Xiaoai's fingers were trembling, with tears in his eyes. "Why?"? Why won't you even take a picture? The child is already dead, she has not even seen a glance, why did he not take a picture to show her? At least let her know what her son looks like. "He's dead, and you'll only be too sad to look at him." Li Jue Feng crouched beside her, moved the flowers a little, and stared at the tombstone. "You've thought of so many names. Now tell me, which one do you like?"? I'll have it engraved. Engrave it.. Do not understand why, hear this, Gu Xiaoai's tears once again silently shed tears. Chapter 1287: The Only Child Is Dead (24) She chose her name in the hope that her son would have a handsome name and that his future life would be smooth sailing, not that her name would be engraved on the tablet. That's not true. "Don't cry." Li Juefeng reached out and stroked her face, and the heat of his fingertips stopped on her tear-stained face. I didn't even see him, not once. Li Jue Feng. How could you not let me look after the children? How could you. Gu Xiaoai's hand could not help grasping the soil under the monument. Aware of her movements, Li Juefeng quickly grabbed her hand and said in a cold voice, "Gu Xiaoai, don't make trouble!" What's wrong with her. She didn't make trouble, she just wanted to see the child, even if it was a picture, even if it was a body. "We've seen enough. Let's go back." Li Juefeng forcibly picked her up, put her in the car, and returned to Li's villa. The people in the villa of the Li family had obviously already known the bad news, and when they saw her leaving the hospital, they all greeted her at the gate, like some kind of ceremony, all of them did not show a look of joy. Even the lazy Lijus, standing in the doorway, looked at her worriedly. Li Jue Feng hugged Gu Xiaoai and sat in the hall. Li Jue Si immediately followed him and grabbed the green tea from the maid's hand and handed it to Gu Xiaoai, with concern in his tone, "Rabbit drinks tea." "Sorry, I'm a little tired. I'll go upstairs first." Gu Xiaoai did not want to speak, a person stood up and walked upstairs. Li Jue Feng's deep eyes followed her closely. Rijus froze with his teacup and suddenly shouted, "Rabbit, where is the child?" It doesn't mean everything, and he hasn't enjoyed the world yet. Even if he leaves, there won't be much pain and reluctance. Gu Xiaoai's body shape a meal, the figure trembles slightly. "Shut your mouth!" Li Jue Feng picked up the remote control and threw it at Li Jue Si. "No one thinks you are dumb if you don't speak!" It's his turn to sprinkle another handful of salt on his own woman?! "I was kind enough to untie her." Li Jue Si touched the forehead that was smashed out of the bag and said, what did he do. "Go back to your room!" Li Juefeng stared at him sullenly and stood up to follow Gu Xiaoai upstairs. The two bedrooms next to the master bedroom were converted into two baby rooms, one for a man and one for a woman. Gu Xiaoai pushed open the boy's baby room, which was filled with all the innocence in the world. Chapter 1288: Not because of premature birth but because of heredity (25) She left a large space on the wall, and she was going to take a family photo and hang it here after the baby was born. Oh, yes,plastic laminated tube, they are ready to leave here, the family photo can also be hung in the new home, the new home is the same as here. She's got it all figured out.