What is Jianghu?

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(Attached) [Shenyong Xiaozhengtai]: (Star Eyes) Wow. How brave you are! (Attached) [Jin Taipan]: Eh, what a

(Attached) [Shenyong Xiaozhengtai]: (Star Eyes) Wow. How brave you are! (Attached) [Jin Taipan]: Eh, what a coincidence! (Attached) [Qi Dafei]: Yes, yes, yes. I'm sorry for itching for a moment. Death counts six, at this time, if people misunderstand, then my life has been frozen! (Attached) [Jin Cancan]: Boss. Know each other? (Attached) [Kim Taipan]: What about your husband? (Attached) [Qi Dafei]: Oh, he's still waiting for me. I'll leave first. Excuse me. As soon as the voice fell, Qi Fei pulled the little demon with a face that had nothing to do with me and the resentful God Suan Six, and ran out of sight. In the process of running, a burst of cursing was unavoidable, and the six gods talked back to each other unconvinced, and the little demon's incisive explanation. And then. Qi Fei passed through the prairie, the place where he was proposed to by someone who broke the ground. I was surprised to meet him in the process of running. (Attached) [Honorary President of Fujoshi Association]: Do you want to follow us! (Attached) [Cucumber Chrysanthemum JQ]: You. Don't force me. (Attached) [neither up nor down]: Yo. Chairman, don't force others like this. The gay man is used for protection. (Attached) [Wanshou Wujiang]: Well, come to our side,stainless steel squatting pan, men touch together, little love together! o(╯╰)o [Cucumber Chrysanthemum JQ]: 55555. Good sister, don't bully others. (Attached) [Qi Dafei]: Hehe. What are you guys doing? (Attached) [neither up nor down]: (^ _ _ ^) Hee hee.. Add new blood for us in Jianghu 2 (Attached) [Qi Dafei even]: Er. That's right (Attached) [Pink Bubble]: Yes, we envy you most, BOSS Niang, there are rich people to lean on!!! It's not like we have to work hard. (Attached) [Cucumber Chrysanthemum JQ]: Rich? Me too! Bumping all the way. Go through a lot of hardships. Qi Fei met many,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, many of the best! Humiliating superlatives! What can I say? A little depressed, a little surprised, a little. Happy. There are people greeting themselves along the way, even if they benefit from the influence of one, so what? As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Do you think China's 1.3 billion population is a decoration? In those days, Comrade Mao Zedong discovered it early. While Qi Fei was still fantasizing, the city of the sea was close at hand. The little demon left on the pretext that the God was six to take revenge. Heng Zhi Yang. [System]: Heng invites you to ride together and lean on each other. Qi Fei ordered yes and thought to himself that it would be nice to have a rich man. Great God of Jianghu, please bless my GG with glory. Thank you! The end! It is said that "Jianghu 2" is a new holographic game, which is the kind of dream with 90% fidelity! Our pig's feet Qi Fei waited and waited, and finally waited until the moment when he got the simulated helmet. Wow, he laughed so hard that it was a mountain flower in full bloom. He was so happy that he agreed to everything he said. For our classmate Qi Fei, Concealed Flush Valve ,Time Delay Tap, there was a very serious consequence that he was eaten! For our Heng Zhiyang students, Amitabha Buddha has finally achieved positive results. As for the long double competition, of course, this time it finally returned to the normal mode, with men chasing women. During the meal, because of the avoidance of the parents of both sides, there were only two people at the table. Hey, sit away from me! Qi Fei nervously moved his little buttocks to the other side. Hey, why are you looking at me and not eating? Qi Fei blushed and said weakly with wide eyes. I'm not hungry. What do you want to eat? So picky eater! The eyebrow could not help but pick up. You "Heng Zhi Yang!!!"! Don't go too far. Miss Ben is sorry for you and has no food to accompany you! "I can cook, only you can't!" Heng Zhiyang said lightly, Feng stared at Qi Fei and lowered his head to pick up the rice. Qi Fei puffed up his face, indignant, this bastard, before did not find him so like to talk back, eat people on the true colors! Hum, I ignore you. What, rush to wash the dishes? If you want to apologize to me, just say, I'm listening! Qi Fei looked at Heng Zhiyang with his eyes. No, I'm just afraid that you will move the fetal gas. ” "Poof!" Qi Fei couldn't hold back for a moment, and the juice he just drank sprayed out. " Such a big man can't take care of himself. How can he take care of our little Heng in the future? A cold voice drifted from the kitchen. Facts have proved once again that the side that has been eaten is obviously weaker. After the meal, Qi Fei grabbed the grapes and bit them, sitting in front of the TV and sulking. Heng Zhiyang tidied up and came out of the kitchen to see this scene. Qi Fei reached out to pick the grapes, touched his overfed stomach with his hand, and sighed comfortably. As soon as Qi Fei heard the footsteps behind him, he felt a warm object sticking to his neck. Heng Zhiyang buried his head in Qi Fei's shoulder socket and mised her pink face. It's like being born to do such a natural action, which is sweet and lovely. A small voice sounded in Qi Fei's heart. What a lovely child! I want to hug him. This idea, like a seed, quickly took root in his heart, which made Qi Fei secretly scold himself for not living up to expectations. Just when Qi Fei fantasized, Heng Zhiyang's eyes flashed a light, of course, a child's shoes did not notice. Qi Fei, who was still struggling to hold or not, suddenly shivered. I felt something warm and wet biting my ears, biting and licking, and the hot breath came from behind. The hand holding the grape seemed to be completely powerless,stainless steel shower tray, and as soon as he let go, a crystal grape fell to the ground. Poor grape, no one took it to heart. cnkexin.com