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Song Shanzhu's mother knows that her daughter likes to write novels, although her daughter's novels have never

Song Shanzhu's mother knows that her daughter likes to write novels, although her daughter's novels have never made money, but Song Shanzhu's mother is not prepared to suppress her daughter's hobby. In any case, the daughter now earns several times as much money as before. Between the task and the task, a rest of ten days is also a big deal. Song Shanzhu's mother exhorted, "You can write a novel, but you should pay attention to your health and not stay up late.". If it's too late for six days, spend ten days, and don't be too tired every day to ruin your body, do you know? Song Shanzhu felt warm in his heart. "Don't worry, Mom." The S-level bonus of the second task also quickly hit Song Shanzhu's account. Song Shanzhu transferred the money to his mother and let her take it to pay off her debts. However, Song Shanzhu's mother said, "Although the matter of debt repayment is urgent, I think you should set aside a few thousand yuan for this time to buy a better holographic novel reading cabin." Jinjiang's free holographic novel reading cabin is the most basic and cheapest one, as long as more than 1000 yuan. The reading cabin has two functions, one is to feed Song Shanzhu nutrition capsules regularly every day, so that she will starve to death when she can't do the task; the other is to help Song Shanzhu massage and exercise her body regularly every day, so that her muscles will atrophy when she can't do the task. More expensive reading cabin, although mainly these two functions,plastic pallet bins, but the difference is still relatively large, for example, the difference between massage and massage is very large, the comfort experience is very different. Song Shanzhu's mother said, "Again, making money is important, but health is more important.". Good health can make better money. Song Shanzhu firmly refused,drum spill pallet, "Read the cabin after the money to buy, now this is cheap, but also qualified monitoring, only allowed to go on the market, the health of people lying inside is always guaranteed, I use it well." Song Shanzhu woke up from two missions with only a slight backache and no other discomfort. Song Shanzhu mother advised for a long time, found that today's Song Shanzhu has become very assertive, and finally can only give up. . The day before preparing to start a new task, Song Shanzhu unexpectedly received a large package from the author of the novel Master of Beauty. And immediately contact her "Hey!"! Campus Beauty! The author Meng Xiaotian is different. The author of Beauty Master has never contacted Song Shanzhu. Song Shanzhu thought that the author would not contact her. After all, there are only a few people who are as enthusiastic and familiar as Meng Xiaotian. In fact, there is no need for the author to contact the perfect image of the supporting role. Unexpectedly, the author, who had never contacted Song Shanzhu, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet crates, sent the package quietly. After Song Shanzhu opened it, his eyes widened, and the contents of the package turned out to be ten sets of clothes! Not just any clothes! She is in the last task, after the clearance of the hidden plot, get the skin reward like clothes! These clothes are obviously made by the author after seeing her perfect content and then customizing them according to their appearance! Song Shanzhu took out these ready-made clothes one by one, each of which was extremely delicate and dazzling. It must have taken a lot of thought to customize these clothes in more than ten days? Song Shanzhu felt warm in his heart. Song Shanzhu's mother was amazed when she saw these clothes. The only pity is that these clothes are somewhat exaggerated and inconvenient to wear out in daily life. Song Shanzhu's mother put the clothes away carefully and said, "Keep them well first, and then have a chance to wear them later." . On the last day, Song Shanzhu accompanied his mother to the supermarket, bought two bags of things, and carried them home with his mother. Song Shanzhu worried that in the days when he was doing tasks, his mother was too comfortable to eat alone, just to save money, and did not pay attention to nutrition. So the day before she went to do the task, she hoarded more food, and her mother would eat it in order not to let the food expire. But in order to save money, Song Shanzhu's mother picked up a lot of discounted food in the supermarket, as well as cheap vegetables and fruits because of their poor appearance. Not fresh vegetables and fruits, Song mangosteen stopped his mother, not to buy, but those very fresh but long crooked melon cracked jujube, Song mangosteen did not stop. After all, the family is difficult, this does not affect the health of the way to save money, Song Shanzhu also feel very good. When Song Shanzhu and her mother walked out of the supermarket happily with a heavy bag, Song Shanzhu heard someone calling her behind her. She looked back and saw a strange face. After recalling it for a few seconds, she remembered that it was her colleague Wei Heyue who worked in the milk tea shop. Wei Heyue's eyes swept over the bag in the hands of Song Shanzhu and Song Shanzhu's mother, and when he saw many ugly vegetables and fruits, the expression on his face suddenly became sympathetic, and he could not help showing a somewhat superior look, "Song Shanzhu, have you found a new job?" "Isn't it hard to be fired?" Chapter 37 The Real World + The Sister of the Kitchen God in the 2000s (1) Hearing Wei Heyue's obviously malicious words, Song Shanzhu immediately frowned and recalled the unpleasant memories of working in the milk tea shop. Song Shanzhu's mother looked at the young man in front of her and frowned. Unlike Song Shanzhu, who has already completed two tasks, for Song Shanzhu's mother, her daughter resigned from the milk tea shop more than a month ago. Before that, her daughter's work in the milk tea shop was not happy at all. Her mother naturally felt it. Now it seems that the reason why my daughter is unhappy at work is probably the colleague she met today. Wei Heyue frowned when he saw Song Shanzhu's mother, but he did not show any respect for his elders. He reached for his hair and said proudly, "The milk tea shop just raised its salary, which is what happened after you left." Alas, Song Shanzhu, you are really too silly, when you were fired,collapsible bulk containers, although Zhou Rui framed you, but if you explain well, you may not have no chance to continue working. You were so impulsive that you were relieved at that time. Are you suffering now? 。