The Retainer of Sister Shan in the Warring States Period

Finally, the cavalry troops who rushed to the front broke through the smoke at the gate, revealing their ferocious face.

Finally, the cavalry troops who rushed to the front broke through the smoke at the gate, revealing their ferocious face. That moment for the defenders, is earth-shaking. Two hundred cavalrymen formed a prehistoric beast, and if they wanted it, they would eat it. The soldiers on the defense were only a sparse three hundred, led by junior warriors. Shoujiang Fazhi Changfang was not present, and this was his last chance to die gloriously. The horses stood up, but rushed into the enemy's troops. The knights just hack, kill, and chop. The defenders were slaughtered like lambs. One by one, they fell down and became every meal of the prehistoric beast, and the dead piled up with the dead, and became a pool of meat mud with incomplete limbs on the ground. Sun Zuo Wei Men. Jing Hu elder sister shouted to the attendant of Heijin Sunzaemon, who was one of the adjutants of the horse-riding team at the moment. Wine. Sister Jing Hu just said lightly. Yes Sunzaemon immediately handed over the glass filled with wine. Gudong. Ha Drinking all the wine in one breath, Sister Jing Hu felt the hot and slightly alcoholic feeling that the wine brought to her, which could make her indifferent to the expressions of the dead and the bloody smell that could not be washed away from their bodies. Don't let Zhong Kui take all the credit away! Ladies and gentlemen, show your bravery! Go! With these words, Sister Jing Hu pulled out her sword and clamped the horse's belly and galloped forward. ———————————— Remembering,plastic pallet suppliers, tens of thousands of Mongolian troops March 80 kilometers a day in an organized way. Pay attention to the unit. Uesugi JJ has invented two things in his life: the car hanging array and the horse. One is used to cut down people during the war, and the other is a wine cup that is not convenient to dismount and drink during the war. People are really forced out. Also titled: Wagner's Opera Someone even asked if Tiger could be paired with JJ? I can only say that the person who asked the question, you are really talented. I dare not think of things that you are really far-sighted. I also have a question to ask, can you make the tiger feminine? Then the world will be at peace. Chapter 29 The Gallop of the Valkyries (2) Chapter 28 The Gallop of the Valkyries 2. Sakaki Castle In less than an hour, the mountain city, which had been attacked for a year in history, was declared to have fallen. ? The Wrath of the Maiden God of War Its power is infinite. Of course,plastic pallet manufacturer, this is subjective, objectively, Echigo realized the separation of soldiers and farmers, reduced the demand for food and could ignore spring ploughing, which made the Echigo Army a force that was not affected by the season and could fight quickly. In history, Long Tail fought and stopped for more than half a year, mainly because she did not implement the "separation of soldiers and peasants", so that her army could not ignore the lack of logistics and spring ploughing. Also, the heavy snow in the sky was not good, which hindered the progress of the March. It's all right now. It's a good start to the spring war. It's bloody. By the way, the army's political and ideological work has been carried out in full swing. The large-scale report of "studying hard the thought of King Shamen and closely surrounding the long-tailed Jinghu" has become the most important thing besides training. The loyalty education of one hour a day has indeed played a role in many aspects. Soldiers have expressed their loyalty. And there is also a situation that they would rather collapse on the training ground than be locked up in a'small black room '. ———————— Fa Zhi Chang Fang was tied into rice dumplings by the angry Jing Hu Jie. It is said that this gentleman originally wanted to commit hara-kiri, but was shocked by Jing Hu Jie, who was like a God, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet price, on the spot-really shocked, both physically and mentally. Fazhi Changfang, who had been fattened, experienced the girl's anger, and Jing Hu was too lazy to pay attention to him. She tied it up and handed it to the people behind her, and then reorganized her armaments. Keep marching! Take Sakato Castle, I want Masakage Nagao to kneel down to me in person! After seeing that the battle in Sakaki Castle was basically put down, Jing Hu Jie did not feel tired at all and immediately ordered the army to move on. The girl's anger continued, and the feeling of being betrayed by her relatives was really unpleasant. Ordinary people take advantage of you and take things from your family, but what about the Wu family? It's going to escalate into a life-and-death struggle. Master please send me when the pioneer, I must take long tail Zheng Jing's head to see you! Ghost Kojima Yataro immediately rushed to say. "Good!"! Ghost Island! The only one who was not dizzy was Saito Asanobu, known as "Zhong Kui". As soon as he heard the two men's already fanatical speeches, he secretly complained, "War maniacs, you two?"? The tetrarch is dominated by anger, and Yataro is a guy with an IQ of less than 1 percentage point. Without any more persuasion from a sensible person, God knows if they will really lead the horse-riding team to chop up the poor Nagao Masakage. Master! The soldiers made a long run and had just fought a bloody battle. Furthermore, our follow-up forces are too far away from us. It is unreasonable to March in such a hurry. Furthermore, even if people can fight again, their horsepower is exhausted. Seemed to be persuaded, Jing Hu Jie immediately changed the order: "Well, let him be free for two more days." Zhong Kui, go to organize the wounded soldiers in the city. Ghost Island, go to reorganize our people, and then go to deal with him when I come back. "Master?"? Where are you going?? "Go to Houjun, of course, and let them go faster!" Is a thought and action of the giant, ah, Jing Hu elder sister with 0 pro-guard horse-riding team, transfer the horse, good not intermittent to the rear army to urge forward. On February 9, the rear army arrived. On the evening of the tenth, the entire force of six thousand men assembled at the gates of Sakado. In the evening of the same day, Masakage Nagao's intestines and face were green. Nagao Masakage is not an idiot, the cage city is just a cover, his strategic intention is to let the senior cannon fodder Fa Zhi Changfang defend Sakaki Castle, to contain the enemy. Then he took the troops to the spring mountain city, for space for time, sneak attack Jing Hu elder sister's rear. Unfortunately, he still underestimated Jing Hu or overestimated himself. He never thought that Jing Hu Jie would March so fast! When he sent Zhi Changfang's letter asking for help on the street, he knew that his plan had completely failed, and that the worst might happen soon: he had not captured or even approached Kasuga Mountain Castle,secondary containment pallet, and that his old nest, Sakado Castle, would be destroyed.