Little Lord of the Spring and Autumn Period

Although I, Mowgli, am not talented, Rang Xian can still do it. Father, please make Ah Qi your heir. Han Wuji said

Although I, Mowgli, am not talented, Rang Xian can still do it. Father, please make Ah Qi your heir. Han Wuji said, Zhao Wu slowly understood, he immediately out of a sweat, a marshal Han Jue this is in the arrangement of retreat ah! He's going to abdicate! In order to ask for a ticket, it's almost the end of the month, and the guaranteed monthly ticket of each reader has also come out. Readers are invited to vote, thank you!) Chapter 103 the face of the overlord. Chapter 02 Baxin's face problem. Team: Beg a vote, implore reader monthly ticket to support, the end of the month, the monthly ticket should be sent out, how to vote for me? Thanks a lot! Zhao Wu was still meditating, only to hear Han Wuji go on to say, "Ah Qi made friends with Tian Su, a wise man, and Tian Su praised him for his benevolence.". It is said in the Book of Poetry, "It is good to be upright in the position of Jing Gong.". God listens to it,stainless steel tube fitting, Jie Er Jingfu (cautious and loyal to his duty). Close to the righteous and the wise; the gods hear it all To give you a grand blessing and a bright future. Empathize with the people as "virtue"; correct oneself as "Correct; correct others." "直 . The combination of virtue, integrity and straightness is "benevolence". If we do things according to this standard, the gods will stand up and give blessings to the pool gods to help people, only those who help themselves. That's what Han Qi did. I, Han Shi, made him heir. Is the best decision? The manner in which Han Wuji spoke made Zhao Wu a little amused. He was full of words. The team took over Che Qun Ci Jing Rime White Glaze Arc Ba Mu Niu Qie Jing Sent the Emperor Qiang Altar Xin Su Strontium Su Nunnery Burning Prayer Postscript Tiao Tiao Knock Know Hold Cheng Shun Tiao Beer White Shake Tiao Than Wan Hum Dan Caiqin Nunnery Frame White Glaze Arc Bi Tiao Knock Hard to Have? But it seems, from the heart. Quoting other people's words everywhere to prove that they are right is a sign of extreme lack of self-confidence, but this is indeed the classic way of speaking of the aristocracy in the Spring and Autumn Period. In the more formal,needle valve manufacturer, pay attention to the etiquette of the occasion, Lu Jia's people like to talk like this, this is also the reason why Zhao Wu did not want to see the Zhou royal family before, the ink in his stomach is limited. Han Wuji's words seemed to move Han Jue, perhaps Han Jue had no intention of making Han Wuji his successor, he just wanted to test Han Wuji. At this moment, when the trial was over, Han Jue pondered for a moment and said in a decisive tone, "What Mowgli said just now is reasonable. In that case, Ah Qi, come forward. From now on You are the heir of the family. Han Qi came forward to offer incense to the gods and ancestors. The ceremony of family succession is very tedious, and it is impossible to finish the ceremony in half a day. Taking advantage of this leisure time, Zhao Wu looked at Xun Yan next to him and thought, "Han Bo is an old fox. He is going to withdraw, 14 needle valve ,stainless steel needle valve, so he is the first to establish his successor. While he is still able to move, he hides behind to support the latter for a while, so that Han Qi can avoid the struggle caused by his change.". To tell the truth, Han Qi's character is too soft. Personal talent is also a little lacking. Han Bo 7 hands, pull me and Xun Yan as a witness. It's asking us to support him for a while. Don't tell me. It's the best time for Han Bo to retire after his success. The State of Chu has replaced Ling Yin. In the south, they killed the general Yang Youji Thumb Their general Peng Ming was captured. For some time to come, the Chu people, who lacked excellent generals, would not be able to fight for the time being. Even if they were reluctant to launch an attack, the attack would not be too fierce because they did not dare to put precious war materials on a nobody at one time. There is not enough material support. Even if Sun Wu appears, he can only maintain the battle line. At the same time, our state of Jin re-established its hegemony. If the Chu people want to push the front northward to Zheng, "even if we do nothing, it will take at least one or two years for the Chu people.". This period of calm is just right for us to adjust the political situation. What Han Bo, the old fox, did. Never do useless work, he invited Xun Yan witness, not for no reason. It seems that Xun Kui's successor must be Xun Yan. "But why did he kill Huan?"? Do you say "" An idea appeared in Zhao Wu's mind in vain: "Can it be said that I will be qualified to be in power in the future?" The last two words kept ringing in Zhao Wu's mind, and Zhao Wu's face changed. On the set, Xun Yan had a calm face, and the name of Zhao Wu reminded him: "Xiaowu, your children are very strong. I went to Zhaocheng a few days ago, and they can all speak." Xun Yan this is to use Zhao Wu's family affairs to disperse Zhao Wu's tension. All the people in the Spring and Autumn Period were not stupid. Xun Yan usually gave people the impression that he was a dog of the former Marshal Za Shu. And it's a dog that bites and doesn't bark. He is usually silent, ruthless, temper attack, even the former king dare to kill, can be described as a rude man who does not care about anything. But from his nest, we can see that this rough man's mind is very soft. If you smile again, you will quickly shift the topic to family affairs. It is not yet time to confirm the heir of the children of the family. "However, when I come back this time, I intend to personally catch the children's school." Xun Yan still answered with an expressionless face: "Shi Xiu and Shi Yan have educated you very well.". I hope you will come to Beijing to take office this year. Let the two teachers handle the children's affairs first, and when they grow up, they will support them as they do today. Just then, the long ceremony finally ended. Han Jue then sent out invitations to entertain all the ministers in the capital, and officially announced that "the suzerain of the Han clan has passed on." When the Duke of Mourning in the palace city heard the news, he immediately sent someone to congratulate him, and thought that Mowgli was virtuous and modest, so he specially appointed him as the head of the clan doctor. This appointment meant that Han Wuji could not be called Han Wuji from now on, but should be called "Gong Clan Mowgli". In real history, Mowgli was buried under this name. The people in the palace have passed the order. Turning to Zhao Wu, he said, "General Zhao, I have been summoned many times in front of you, but I can't invite General Zhao. This time I know that General Zhao will appear in the Marshal's Office. I have ordered that if General Zhao has nothing else to do, I might as well come to Miyagi. I want to see General Zhao." Han Jue advised: "Xiaowu,12 needle valve, you are about to leave to meet the vassals. You should accompany him these days." Zhao Wu nodded and followed the noisy man (Miyagi Gate) sent by Miyagi into Miyagi. At this time, he was waving a stick to practice hitting the baseball, and his brother Yang Gan was standing beside him.