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Listening to the two numbers, Ning Que did not hesitate to bend his bow and arrow, and shot at the distant

Listening to the two numbers, Ning Que did not hesitate to bend his bow and arrow, and shot at the distant night clouds slanting above. It was so dark that he could not see clearly what was there, but he knew that Xiahou was there. The sky is snowing, dark, can not see the arrow path, can only hear the sharp arrow roar of yuan 13 arrows, and when people hear the arrow roar, it is the next moment. The night clouds over Yanming Lake suddenly moved, and the breath of heaven and earth was confused, as if a loud thunder had exploded in the dark clouds, and the dim clouds fled everywhere. The night clouds burst and blood spattered. Xiahou fell from a high altitude, this time can no longer maintain their balance, hit the ice heavily, hit the ice appeared several deep cracks. A cold, dark iron arrow went deep through his left arm. Because of anger and pain, Xiahou's eyes seemed to burn, like a wounded beast king, he grasped the tail of the iron arrow, pulled the arrow out of his upper arm, and continued to run towards the south bank. He only had time to take three steps forward. A powerful explosion occurred again at the bottom of the lotus field and the silt. The ice on the soles of his feet suddenly cracked and nearly swallowed his body into the dark, cold water of the lake, followed by waves of air and flames and sharp pieces of iron that were extremely dangerous. Xiahou, with the ability of a strong man at the peak of martial arts,hydraulic fitting supplier, made the most timely response when the movement in the lake was transmitted to the feet of military boots through the ice. With a heavy step of his boots, he broke away from the frozen lake and came into the air, then raised his fists in front of him like lightning. Xiahou stuffy hum, miserably fly dozens of Zhangs, until out of the lotus field. Dozens of small pieces of iron appeared on his arms and his body, which could not be covered by his arms, and blood oozed from the wounds, looking like red grass in the autumn of the wilderness. Continuous hard resistance to the explosion in the lotus field, especially the continuous hard connection of Ning Que's thirteen arrows,38 needle valve, Xiahou even if the peak of martial arts, spirit and blood loss is extremely serious. Congealed in the body surface of the vitality of heaven and earth, has been scattered, can no longer protect his body, under the action of the True Qi of the Demon Sect, the skin is as firm as gold and stone, now there are numerous wounds on it, although there is no fatal injury, but the appearance of blood dripping, looks extremely awkward. Just then, another yuan thirteen arrows penetrated the burning withered lotus and wind and snow, quietly came to the front of Xiahou, unexpectedly did not give him any chance to breathe. Xiahou clasped his palms together and forcibly clamped the horrible iron arrow in front of him. His body retreated ten feet on the ice, and the ice and snow splashed under him. His face was pale, and more and more blood flowed from the corner of chchún. "Ning Que stood at the foot of the cliff on the south bank of Yanming Lake, silently watching all the movements on the lake under the cliff. When Xiahou was blown back again, he took advantage of the instant light of the explosion to determine the position first. After hearing the position reported by Sang Sang, 38 tube fitting ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, he stroked the bowstring with his fingers.". Archery is the most powerful means of cutting firewood in Shubi Lake, but in the past, ordinary bows and arrows are not very meaningful to martial arts practitioners, but once the weapon of yuan Thirteen Arrows appears in the world, then in a sense, Ning Que will become a nightmare for all practitioners. Ning Que's archery action is not fast, but there is a very wonderful sense of rhythm, with that sense of rhythm, from Sang Sang reported the direction, to the iron arrow left the bowstring, the process is so flowing, it seems that there is no waiting process, which implies some kind of truth. In the face of this powerful archery, the more important thing is that there is Sang Sang beside him, Xiahou no matter how strong, can not avoid those silent but powerful iron arrows. He can only resist, can only struggle, can only keep bleeding, see when Ning Que's thirteen iron arrows are finished, his blood will not flow, he can not rush to the front of Ning Que. …… yuan thirteen arrow speed is too amazing, far faster than the speed of sound transmission, so only when it hits the target, the sound of the arrow roar will spread obliquely in both directions. On the bank of the wooden bridge on the west bank of Yanming Lake, the reeds suddenly swayed, and the green sè Taoist robe on the body of the leaf red fish fluttered, and then she heard the arrow roar. yuan thirteen arrows? Ye Hongyu's expression is slightly cool. She had seen the thirteen arrows of the yuan Dynasty on the snowy cliffs in the wilderness and on the banks of Daming Lake, and she knew what kind of power the arrows, which concentrated the wisdom of the second floor of the Academy, had. Tonight, however, the wind and snow were in chaos, the reeds were shaking, and in the lingering charm of the arrows, her Tsing Yi Taoist robe was whistling, and she found that in just one year, Ning Que's yuan Thirteen Arrows had become even more terrible. Then, the explosion in the lotus field of Yanming Lake spread to the snow bridge. She frowned and said, "What is this?" Explosion after explosion, flash after flash of fire, the shrill whirl of iron, and the horrible arrows in the snow at night made her face paler and paler. She looked at the lake in the east and suddenly said something very puzzling: "I am dead." Tangerine Peel and Tang Xiaotang have been standing at the other end of the wooden bridge. They watched the battle on the lake, worried about Ning Que and Sang Sang, and were silent. Ye Hongyu did not know what the explosion was, but Tangerine Peel was the person who had seen the small iron pot experiment, but he did not explain. Just as Ye Hongyu said the three words, he looked at the arrow roar and thunderous fire in the distance and said with a complicated expression, "I'm dead, too." They are still standing on the wooden bridge, and naturally they are not dead. But when they heard the sound of explosions and arrows whistling from Yanming Lake, they all said the same thing. I'm dead. Ye Hongyu is a Taoist fanatic in Xiling Temple, and Tangerine Peel is the youngest great practitioner in the world. They are the most talented and powerful young people in Haotian Taoist School. The reason why they say I am dead is that they watch the battle in silence, and they are sure that if they are in Xiahou's position, facing Ning Que's fifteen years of painstaking preparations for the battle from summer to winter,tube fitting manufacturer, they can only survive until this moment at most, and they will die. …… On the snowy wall. Ye Su said, "I never thought that a practitioner in the mysterious realm of the cave could make such a big noise. It seems that I underestimated Ning Que. But what happened to the explosions in the lotus fields?" Big Brother didn't speak.