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Little Ice Cube is a girl who writes poems. I love her so much that I tell her stories every day. It is said that she

Little Ice Cube is a girl who writes poems. I love her so much that I tell her stories every day. It is said that she was willing to be with me not only because I raised her fat, but also because I promised her that I would always tell her stories. I would talk about the interesting things I heard. Sometimes I didn't hear the interesting things for a few days in a row, and the source was exhausted, so I had to pretend to be a novelist and make them up by myself. Sometimes I also talked about my own things and the people I met. Only this is an inexhaustible treasure, and it will take another twenty years to tell it completely in the past twenty years. I said that Lao yuan's way of expressing his favorite female students was very strange. He liked to touch their necks, regardless of cold or heat. While touching them, he said, "I wish I had a daughter.". It is said that a woman is like a father, so she must have been admitted to Peking University long ago. My inner world is very contradictory. I really can't think of any connection between being admitted to Peking University and being her daughter. I'm glad that I won't be touched for a while and I'm sad for a while. Small ice cubes habitually questioned, saying that I defaced the image of the teacher. I'm not going to argue. I told her again that Maomao had killed people before, and she laughed happily, and this time she made it up again. I always have a way of making her happy and questioning. Like everyone else, when I say something I make up, she will be very happy and make sure that it is true. When I tell the truth, everything becomes what I think of, diluted and fabricated. I never try to make people believe that anything is far from interesting once I pull down the face to prove it. I will also take the opportunity to tell her that I once wanted to be a novelist, so that I can match you. Ice said that I can't imagine what it would be like. It must be very chaotic. We all laughed happily. My cousin was in another room. The door was closed and soundproof. She had no way to know what was happening on our side. We hid it so well that she didn't know that a girl had come here to meet her brother every night. On the last day of the rental house,Iron Nail Making Machine, the ice cubes came to accompany him as usual. The window on the 23rd floor is near the Yangtze River. It hasn't rained for fifty days. It's too thin. But soon there was a flight passing by the roof next to it, like a shaving clipper. I was worrying about what story to organize today, and someone told it for me. The little ice cube pointed outside and said, look. Following the direction of my finger, I saw a beautiful girl. She said, "Don't look at the girl. Look at what she has in her hand.". After prompting, I saw that she was holding a bright thing in her hand. To be honest,Nail Making Machine price, I'm looking forward to something happening. The situation is already like this. A girl is standing there in the dead of night. I think she will jump down. In this way, the development of things will be unified with the background. The ice cube can feel about it all night. But she just let the thing out of her hand. It was silvery and easy to recognize. It staggered and insisted on sliding far away. When it landed, there was no sound at all. She looked at it for a while and then went in. The ice cube asked me what it was? I said, it's obvious that it's a tinfoil plane. The little ice cube was very confused about her behavior, and I was also very confused and could not explain it. She asked if it was a love letter from a boy? This idea is really wonderful, can give people a lot of associations, she wants to express you or give up, or ready to break free and elope together, I do not know, I do not know her life. I said, I know all about this. You should be nervous again. This guy must be fooling around. I don't know why, I always feel that this night will not be calm, wire nail making machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, something will happen. The little ice cube packed my things back for me, and a box caught her attention. She opened it and said to me, "Is it yours? There is a thick circle of books inside, all of which are Guo Jingming and Annie Baby's books.". I said it might be my cousin's. She said she didn't expect your sister to be so fond of reading, unlike you. I did not expect, I do not know her after-school life, small ice is still there, I want to stop her but can not do, I also think it will not be so simple, want to know what else, this feeling is like removing the door panel as stimulating and harmless, the discovery and imagination of secrets. We decided to find out, and since I didn't know her, there was no need to be surprised. Finally, the focus falls on two very thick books. I remembered that I had a heart like this a year ago. It was full of novels I wrote in class. Lao yuan tried his best to get it. It was like finding waste paper. What I wrote was worthless. It was more real than the principal's fart. A year has passed, and I still remember very clearly how he stopped me from going to Beijing to attend the second interview of the film Academy. At his home, he asked me to thank him for taking the bright and smooth road he pointed out. Don't think about those evil ways, and concentrate on making money to support the family. Opening the book, one was an urban novel, which was written in the sixth chapter. I didn't read what it was about. I noticed that the girl on the title page had given herself a name, which was much better than me. There were four words in total, three of which I didn't know. There is a preface in front of the story, which seems to be written by her classmate. The time is 2004, followed by a preface. The first half expresses his love for a boy named Ye Yi, and then laments the melancholy of the impermanence of time, and decides to use a story to pay tribute to the time is 2005. This has been planned for a long time. The other is a classical novel, and the motive of creation is not written, so it is unknown. The strangest thing is that her two stories were written at the same time, and the latest one was signed today. It seems that growing up is a matter of one or two days, and whether you know it or not has nothing to do with the overall situation. I said, I'm afraid such a thing can't be published. It's a waste of time. Then my premonition finally came, and suddenly the little ice cube cried, which left me helpless. She said it was good to insist, and then opened her carry-on bag, which contained her clothes and her poems, and she began to recite for me for the first time what I said would never be published: I wish there was a wheat field strong enough for me to fall down without crying. I will tell her that she is right and that poetry and fiction are good. But I won't tell her that I wrote it, and I can't show it to her, because it was burned a year ago. This made me very sad at one time. Chapter 4 Green Age-2 Colletti's diary Wen/Liu Yue She stood on the edge of sunlight and shadow. Chin slightly raised. Bright and clean face, half in the sun, half in the shadow. The dividing line between light and shadow crosses her eyebrows,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, nose, lips, chin and chest. 3shardware.com