Witnessing the Weird Event at the Funeral Parlour _ Li Feifan

The flashlight was hitting Qian Wei's face, making his face a strange bluish white.

The flashlight was hitting Qian Wei's face, making his face a strange bluish white. I was so frightened that I forgot to withdraw my hand. Suddenly he winked at me, and with a sudden shake, I quickly withdrew my hand and stepped back several steps. I gasped for breath because I was so frightened, and the sweat ran down my forehead, onto my eyelashes, and into my eyes. I felt a sharp pain in my eyes. I didn't dare to close my eyes. I wiped a few sweats at random. I opened my eyes and stared at Qian Wei breathlessly. He should be looking at me, and his expression is not strange. I tried to call him again, but the word "Qian Wei" was stuck in my throat and I couldn't spit it out. Just as I was about to raise my hand and beckon the monkeys to come over, Qian Wei suddenly opened his mouth and spoke. "Wait a little longer," he said. The voice was his voice, but it sounded strange, as if someone had pinched his throat, as if he was deliberately imitating a woman to speak. What I heard what he said, but I didn't understand what it meant. Ignoring me, he turned his face and leaned his head back on the tombstone, stroking it as he had just done, looking blurred and slightly sad, like a nymphomaniac. I looked at Qian Wei in amazement,Nail production machine, not knowing what to do. Should I call him a few more times? Still Big Mouth and Monkey came up behind me, and I didn't even notice. Fanzi, what's going on? The monkey's voice came so suddenly that I was so nervous that I punched behind him without even thinking about it. Fortunately, the monkey reacted quickly and dodged in time. Otherwise, he would definitely be over. Don't panic, don't panic, it's me. The monkey raised his hands in front of him. Sweating all over,Nail machine supplier, I breathed a sigh of relief and said angrily, "Can you make a little noise when you walk in the future? Don't float over like a ghost without a sound. People will die, don't you know?" The monkey is quite helpless, say: "We had gone very loud, it is you did not hear." Big Mouth walked up to me, looked at Qian Wei and asked me, "He seemed to talk to you just now. What did he say?" "He said, wait a little longer." "What?" Mouth and Monkey reacted the same way I just did. I repeated, "He said, wait a little longer." "What do you mean?" "I don't know." "Weren't you just talking to him?" "That's all he said." The monkey took two steps to the right, went around to the tombstone, raised his flashlight and shone it on the tombstone. Soon he jumped back to me and whispered, "Yes, iron nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, it's Liu Yuemei's grave." Nonsense! I glanced at him and said nothing. He won't be possessed by Liu Yuemei, will he? The monkey put his mouth to my ear, and his voice was so small that he could hardly hear it. So what to do? "I don't know. Why don't we go to Master Huang?" Is it too far in time? What if Qian Wei hangs up? "Then there's nothing we can do." "What are you talking about?" The big mouth saw me and the monkey whispering, and hurried over. The monkey made a shush gesture to Big Mouth and said, "I mean, let's go and find Master Huang now." Big Mouth thought the same as me and said, "It's too late." "What can we do here?" Said the monkey. As he spoke, he glanced at Qian Wei and added, "See him go on like this?" I thought of a simple and effective old way and said, "Why don't you go over and slap him twice?" The monkey gave a cry and said, "You don't want to die. He is possessed by Liu Yuemei now. If you give him two slaps, don't you give Liu Yuemei two slaps?" The sound of the monkey made me jumpy, and I thought, yes, if this annoys Liu Yuemei, everyone will suffer. I was afraid and anxious, and I had no idea. The big mouth looked at Qian Wei, thought about it, and seemed to have a good idea. He pulled me and the monkey a little farther away and said, "Let me analyze it. He just said he would wait a little longer, which means he still wants to be with.." After a pause, Big Mouth looked at Qian Wei and continued, "He wants to be intimate with Liu Yuemei for a while. Why don't we just watch here and wait? Maybe after a while, Liu Yuemei will let him go." The monkey asked, "What if he does that later?" "What's the matter?" "Hang up." The monkey's voice sounds like a mosquito. "No way." Big Mouth obviously didn't think of this. He touched the back of his head and said, "If there is an accident, then we will go back and call the police." "***, I thought you were going to say, just throw him in the trunk and pull him back." "Damn, you think I'm as stupid as you are!" "Hey, just kidding." The monkey can still laugh. I'm very upset. If Qian Weizhen does something terrible later, are we really going to stand by and watch him die? Although I don't like this person, it's really hard for me to watch a lively person turn into a corpse in an instant. I looked up at the sky. It was very dark. There were no stars. I don't know when the moon was covered by dark clouds. It was pitch black except where the flashlight shone. Liu Yuemei's cemetery was built under the graveyard, and we fell out of the woods just now. Without those big and tall trees around, the feeling of depression will disappear. Now I feel that fear seems to be gone, replaced by extreme anxiety and uneasiness. We stood a few meters away from the cemetery, holding our breath and looking at Qian Wei. Several times he twisted his neck or moved his legs, and we thought he was going to get up and be nervous, but he just changed his position a little and continued to hug the tombstone. The monkey couldn't help scolding: "Damn, how long is he going to do this?" As soon as his voice fell, Qian Wei, as if he had heard the monkey's words,Automatic nail machine, suddenly raised his head and looked at us. This action was so sudden that even though we had been prepared that he would do something at any time, he was still scared out of a cold sweat. What does he want? The monkey held my wrist tightly with his hand. He was so frightened that his voice was hoarse. He was worried that his impatient scolding just now would make Liu Yuemei angry. Don't panic. I took the flashlight from the other hand of the monkey, and he shook so much that the flashlight shook so much that it could hardly shine on Qian Wei. 3shardware.com