Nirvana of Rebirth Fire

Just as Shikamaru thought, "Ha ha.". I left a picture! There are a lot of them! Hand Ju smile that is called a treacherous ah!

Just as Shikamaru thought, "Ha ha.". I left a picture! There are a lot of them! Hand Ju smile that is called a treacherous ah! That expression is called a show off! Really! That hand bow sister! Can you give me some? Ino immediately jumped to the side of the hand bow, that look is really flattering. Shikamaru kept shaking his head. [Women are all the same.] See Sasuke or expressionless stay aside. "Sasuke," he said, "Naruto is still changing inside. We're waiting." "Oh!"! Why don't you go first? I'll stay and wait for him. We'll catch up later. Looking at the noisy woman on one side, holding his emotions, Sasuke calmly made suggestions, while revealing in his eyes the meaning of taking them away quickly and not disturbing our two-person world. [It's really troublesome] He secretly said his pet phrase from the bottom of his heart. He pulled up Ding Ji, who was eating all the time, and motioned to Ino and Shouju to follow him. And Kankuro consciously walked beside Ding Ci, and a group of people walked to the door. Hand Ju and Ino early aware of Sasuke's low pressure, after looking at each other, had no choice but to follow up, do not know if it is intentional, hand Ju is about to go out of the door, back and Sasuke said a word, and then pulled up Ino ran, after all, the man in love is terrible ah! Especially a man who has a rival in love is more terrible. Sasuke's face suddenly turned black, and his good mood was interrupted. That sentence "Right,Coil nail machine, forgot to tell you, Naruto made an appointment early in the morning, I love Luo, look at the time I love Luo will come out, I wish you good luck." I love Luo in a few minutes before the appointed time, calm the mood, come out to find Naruto, the face is still cold,wire nail machine manufacturers, but no one knows what is going on inside him. Not surprisingly, I met Sasuke at the door. I love Luo was wearing a dark red bathrobe. The simple and unadorned bathrobe set off my love Luo's cool breath. My short scarlet hair was very upturned, which made me look insolent and uninhibited. Dark and thick eyes, green eyes like a lake. At the moment, he looked at Sasuke with a slight indifference. Sasuke looked at I love Luo without any trace, I love Luo also looked at Sasuke obscurely, two people at the same time out of the bottom of their hearts a sentence, [worthy of the sand waterfall I love Luo/Uchiha Sasuke ah! It is a pity. If you don't steal my Naruto.] Xiao Jiu: By the way, when was Naruto your man? I didn't agree. I love Luo. Sasuke: Sandstorm. Write wheel eye. Xiao Jiu: [screaming] HELP! Why are you still here? Shouldn't you be going with them? I'll just stay here and wait for Naruto. Don't bother you. I didn't expect that I love Luo would be the first to speak out. I love Luo's appearance is not like a person who can't hold his breath! (Xiao Jiu: This is called people can't be judged by appearances, and the sea can't be measured!) Sasuke took a step forward, the cold on his body even worse, his eyes like a knife to kill me love Luo, he did not pay attention to me love Luo, "Naruto is mine, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, will only be mine." I didn't expect Sasuke to say his intention so neatly. That's nice. (Xiao Jiu: Good job! I love Luo: What did you say! Xiao Jiu: No. Nothing) Hearing Sasuke's words, I love Luo's eyes are also sharp, "is it?"! I believe Naruto will only be mine. The pronunciation of the word "mine" was emphasized, and I loved Luo without any concession, so they confronted each other. I don't know where they get their confidence. It turns out that you have such a good relationship! Do not know when, Naruto appeared in the side, is interesting to see two people, Naruto is still wearing his favorite color, a silver-white corner embroidered with a large pink water Lily, (Xiao Jiu: don't hit me, Xiao Jiu also don't know if there is a pink water Lily, dear don't mind!) It is full of grace and elegance. The hair, which has not been modified for a long time, has grown to the shoulders, fragmentary and scattered on the shoulders, with a few traces of youth. The blue eyes were slightly moist at the moment because of the smile. The corners of the mouth are slightly raised. Through the window of the corridor, the sun shone on Naruto like broken gold. People can not help but sigh that he is really a beautiful young man. I wanted you to have a good communication, but I didn't think it was unnecessary. "I have always seen Sasuke and I love Luo two people inexplicably wrong, one is after getting along with I love Luo who can be trusted to become a friend, the other is a trustworthy companion Sasuke, Naruto does not want to have any contradictions and misunderstandings between them, after all, it is difficult to do in the middle.". (Xiao Jiu: Unexpectedly, I didn't think about how to deal with the relationship between the two people. Naruto just thought about it. Naruto: That's nothing. Don't think about who I am. Xiao Jiu [whispers]: You are a victim. Now a look, did not expect the original relationship between the two good, harm their own white worry. If last night's Naruto was the enchanting Manzhu Shahua, then now Naruto is a pure lotus flower. This kind of Naruto lets two people shine at the moment again. The desire in the bottom of my heart is more intense. See Naruto smile so happy, Sasuke and I love Luo also can not deny Naruto's words, two people for the first time for Naruto to stop their war without smoke. Now that you're ready, let's go! Say that finish, Naruto excitedly pulled I love Luo and Sasuke like the door to walk, hands clasped the moment, I love Luo and Sasuke heart inexplicably moved, if so hand in hand for a lifetime how good ah. As soon as he got to the street, Naruto let go of his hand and ran excitedly to the stalls like a child. In the past two years, there have always been some reasons for Naruto to miss the festival celebrations in this world. So this is the first time that Naruto has participated in the festival here since he came to this world, and it's hard to avoid some excitement. And the celebration here, there is a temple fair! It started at one o'clock in the afternoon! People can have a good time. After Naruto released his hand, Sasuke and I love Luo obviously felt each other's loss, and for the first time they had the feeling of brothers and sisters. Looked at each other with a wry smile, immediately chased Naruto's side, firmly protected him in the middle, looking at the other side and their almost consistent behavior, can not help but come out of the heart such a sentence, [It seems that Sasuke/I love Luo really love Naruto,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but what is the use of love, Naruto is only one, he will never give up Naruto].