Ice and Fire Magic Kitchen-Tang Jiasanshao

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Nian Bing jumped at Hillard subconsciously, grabbed him and pulled him aside, just in time to dodge a crack

Nian Bing jumped at Hillard subconsciously, grabbed him and pulled him aside, just in time to dodge a crack that spread from behind Hillard, and before they could rejoice, there was a loud bang, and in the midst of the violent shock, they could no longer control their bodies, rolling in the air toward the bottomless abyss, and in the process of falling, Nian Bing clasped Hillard's arm. He put the two knives into the ring and summoned his Xuanji Dao with his newly recovered mental strength. Darkness swallowed up the figures of Nianbing and Hillard. The black fog was filled with coldness. The valley with few creatures had become a dead place at this time. Both plants and animals had gradually melted in the black fog. The valley of death gradually formed. It seemed that there were countless shrill roars hovering in the valley. It was a cold and unusual evil force, a huge evil gas. Tharu city. The cat was bored sitting on the rostrum eating the food sent by the staff. While eating, he muttered discontentedly, "Why hasn't Dad come back yet? Didn't he say that he would come back soon after he went around and moved his body?"? Where did brother Nian Bing go? He was here just now. He should have gone to rest. The game is about to start. "Cat, if you eat less, you will become a little fat cat." The sound of arc light banter suddenly sounded. The cat looked up at the handsome man who was not like a man. He snorted, "Little snake, you are fat. I am a beautiful girl cat. Is there anyone who is more perfect than me?"? Hum. Besides, I'm not in good shape. I'll let my father teach you a good lesson. I heard that you like to be attacked by spiritual magic. Hey, hey. It's so boring these days except for the competition. Little snake, I want to go to play in your barracks again. Will you take me there? Looking at the cat's malicious eyes, the arc behind the cold sweat straight out, he would rather rush into the million army, do not want to be an enemy with the cat this wench, this little witch really makes him headache, "no, cat, another day uncle take you to other places to play, taru city also has a lot of fun places.". Oh, by the way, where's your dad? Why didn't I see him? The game is about to start. Tonight's game is more exciting than the day's, to decide the final championship,lutein eye complex, and the boy named Nian Bing is a magician, with magic cooking, the evening will be more gorgeous. Sure enough, at the mention of Nian Bing, the cat was immediately diverted, and a smile appeared on her pretty face, "Yes!"! Yes! Brother Nian Bing is the best cook, and he is sure to win the championship today. At this time, in a corner of Taru Square, the vampire Pingchao, dressed in ordinary clothes, was eating the food he had just bought from Hualong Hotel with his little master Youyou. While eating, Youyou said discontentedly, "Brother Pingchao, why can we only eat these?"? I want to eat the food cooked by the chefs on the round table. The food they cook has its own characteristics. It must be very delicious, turmeric extract powder ,pumpkin seed extract, right? "Youyou," said Pingchao in a low voice, "don't make any more trouble. We should go back, too. Otherwise, I can't afford to blame the Lord of the Moon! At this point, Pingchao suddenly shook his whole body, looked into the distant air, his eyes flashed blood, and his body spasmed slightly because of some excitement, "This, this is the breath of our people, little master, is the breath of our people!" Youyou hesitated for a moment and said, "Our people?"? Do you mean those powerful beings who are free from the outside? Didn't Dad say they were all sealed? No. "Flat tide although tried to keep his voice down, but the excitement in the heart is hard to hide," little master, you don't know, after the war, although the vast majority of people are sealed, but there are still some powerful, and more intelligent people escape from the ultimate seal, although it is also sealed to a certain extent, but the seal is not strong, under certain circumstances can be lifted, Like the Lord of the Moon, is one of them, adults have been looking for these people who have been sealed by the low-level, only to gather more strength, we can get things done ah! Youyou, let's go and have a look. I have felt that the breath is getting stronger and stronger. If we can contact these people who have lifted the seal, it is absolutely a great achievement. Our strength can also be greatly enhanced. Youyou stuffed the snack into his mouth and said, "What are you waiting for? Let's go and have a look. I just don't know which clan they belong to. It's better to be of the same clan as me." The two men slipped out of the crowd quietly, and in a short time, they had disappeared in Taru Square. In a short time, a dark shadow had risen and headed for the distance. It was getting dark, and a large number of people gathered in Taru Square again. As the last game of the finals, the enthusiasm of the people had reached its highest point. The chefs who participated in the finals slowly stepped on the rotating round table. Xiao Tian looked around, but he could not see the figure of Nian Bing. He frowned slightly and thought to himself, "Where is Nian Bing? He will never be afraid to fight." But the game is about to start. Why doesn't he come? If Nian Bing doesn't come, the champion is undoubtedly his. However, Xiaotian doesn't want to win the champion like this. He very much hopes to have the final duel with Nian Bing. Winning with his real ability is what he longs for. Time passed by minute by minute. Fatty Hua also wanted to see the final match. He had deliberately delayed the match time. However, the figure of Nian Bing still did not appear. In desperation, he had to announce that Nian Bing had given up the last match and the match had officially begun. Without the existence of Nian Bing, Xiaotian was not interested, but with his cooking skills and the advantages accumulated in the first two games, he easily won the championship of Hualong Cooking Challenge. Momo won the runner-up with three eight-star results, while another excellent chef filled the position of Nian Bing and unexpectedly won the third place. The prize money and the vouchers for participating in the Kitchen God Competition were quickly handed over to the contestants. The three-day Hualong Cooking Competition finally ended, and the carnival in Taru City drew a not perfect end. Everything is calm again, and the next Hualong Cooking Competition will not be held again until three years later. Xiaotian stepped down from the rotating round table, pounded his hands angrily,tannic acid astringent, and roared to himself, "Nian Bing, why don't you come?"? What does such a champion mean to me? 。