Jian Xiu who was forced to change his job

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Jian Xiu who was forced to change his jobJian Xiu who was forced to change his jobJian Xiu who was forced to change his jobJian Xiu who was forced to change his job

Ye Wushen took Xiao Fenghuang to have a meal in the canteen and listened to a gossip. The whole time, he was eating melons with his mouth open. He was so surprised that he didn't give him a chance to close his mouth. It was the little phoenix on his shoulder who ate the cakes without obstacles and did not care about the gossip that those people talked about. He is not interested in human beings, but Ye Xiaoshen. Oh, Ye Xiaoshen doesn't seem to be a person either. Unexpectedly, there is such a big gossip in Yaowanggu. Miss Yao Wanggu is actually a man! Even Ye Wushen, who doesn't care about the outside world, knows that Miss Yaowanggu is a first-class goddess in the realm of cultivation. Turns out, it was a guy!? ***, I don't know how many crazy hearts are going to be broken. You really know how to play. However, the leaf fog sinks under the heart secret way, a man, also can sit firmly Xiuzhen world goddess list top three, flourishing age beauty. That looks like.. Is it a boy and a girl? Women's wear boss.. Four words, can not help but emerge in the heart of the leaf fog. In his mind, he imagined the face of Miss Yao Wanggu, who had not seen her but heard her name, and could not imagine it. After all, I've only met men, and women. I've never seen anything in between. If you say so, I'm afraid Gu Yu will turn black to you. After breakfast. Ye Wushen was not only full, but also listened to the gossip. He was secretly amazed that he had lived for a long time. But he was just listening to the gossip, and he didn't care. After all, Shangqing Zong and Yaowanggu were a million miles away,inflatable amusement park, and he didn't know the eldest lady of Yaowanggu. After eating, he went back with the little phoenix. At the entrance of the canteen, I met Zhang Yun. Zhang Yun looked at him with a complicated expression on her face, and that look in her eyes was simply. As if to see what is difficult to understand the complex solution of the Mathematical Olympiad in general. A look of doubt about life. Even, because he was too absorbed to notice the threshold in front of him, he tripped and fell. Wait for the mist to sink back into the room, open the door and go in. As a result, he found a bright red and delicate invitation card on the table in the room. The leaf fog sank to see, under the heart wondered,Inflatable water obstacle course, who sent him the invitation? Someone sent him a separate invitation? He has always been a mascot, and has been taken by Ye Guanghan everywhere for dinner and banquets! This is the first time that someone sent him an invitation alone, and Ye Wu opened the invitation with some excitement and curiosity, and as a result. "We cordially invite Ye Wushen, a Taoist friend, to come to Yaowanggu to participate in the grand ceremony of the succession of Lord Shaogu of our school at XX, XX, half a year later." The place where the name is written is Gu Yu. Two words. !!!!” The leaves are foggy. Chapter 158 think well. The leaf fog sinks to look at the hand this invitation card, immediately is also shocked. In the heart suddenly arises a kind of feeling that Cao Cao Cao has arrived. Just now I heard people talking about Miss Yao Wanggu in the canteen. Oh, now I should say it's the gossip of the young man. As a result, he turned around and received an invitation to the Inheritance Ceremony of the Lord of Medicine King Gu Shaogu. Did you send it by mistake? The leaf fog sinks under the heart to murmur, how to think, the medicine king valley also does not have the reason to send an invitation card to him alone, this invitation card is really not sent to Ye Guanghan, then remembered the mistake, sends to him here? But his name was written on the invitation. Can't figure it out. Think to think to go, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable mechanical bull, also want to do not understand this is how to return a responsibility in the end, leaf fog sink heart way, wait for the evening to ask my father to go. He casually put the invitation card aside. I don't care. In the evening, when he was having dinner with Ye Guanghan, Ye Wushen told him about it. The chopsticks in Ye Guanghan's hand paused, then put them aside, reached for the glass on the table beside him, and took a sip of wine. The voice said lightly, "since it's for you, you can keep it." Ye Wushen heard the sound, raised his eyes and glanced at him. Heart murmured, originally he just said so casually with Ye Guanghan, ask his opinion, also did not think much. But now look at Ye Guanghan like this, clearly there is a ghost! He must know something, but he doesn't want to talk to him. Oh The leaf fog sank oh, then did not give up and asked, "Dad, do you know why Yao Wanggu sent me this invitation?" Ye Guanghan glanced at him and said in a faint voice, "They can send it if they want to." Then he looked up at him and said, "If you don't want to go, you won't go." “……” The leaves are foggy. I always feel that his father is going to say, why do you talk so much nonsense. Ye Wushen, who was somewhat confused by his own father, immediately shut up. Forget it, my father is in a bad mood today, so I won't touch his bad luck. But why is my father in a bad mood? Who messed with him? Then Ye Wushen began to reflect on what he had done these days. Generally speaking, at the age and realm of Ye Guanghan, all things are not moved, and the mind is as calm as water. Therefore, the ups and downs of his mood, whether it is cloudy or sunny, are mostly influenced by the heavy fog of leaves. Ye Wushen is mischievous today, and Ye Guanghan is sad! Ye Wushen performed well today, and Ye Guanghan was very happy! …… …… In a word, Ye Fog is Ye Guanghan's mood radar, one measure is accurate. However, the leaf fog thought for a long time, all feel that their recent life is very dull! Nothing good, nothing bad. So, what's wrong with my dad that he's not happy? Who's messing with him? ↑ Who else? You, of course! There is no one but you. It's you, it's you, it's you! Our little hero, Ye Xiaoshen! —— Ye Guanghan really knew why Yao Wanggu sent that invitation to Ye Wushen. Medicine King Gu Shaogu Lord's succession, the outside world to watch the fun, but for the other eight Zongmen Taoist Jun Zhenren, there is a big name in it. First of all, the inheritance of Yao Wang Gu. The medicine king valley decides the little valley Lord, that is to say, it decides the next valley Lord inheritance of the medicine king valley, which is of great importance. This is not only a matter of Yao Wanggu's family,Inflatable outdoor park, but also a major event in the whole realm of cultivation. The nine great clans are of the same spirit, one is prosperous and all are prosperous, and one is damaged and all are damaged. joyshineinflatables.com