Summer Leaf's Medieval Shop

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Summer Leaf's Medieval ShopSummer Leaf's Medieval ShopSummer Leaf's Medieval ShopSummer Leaf's Medieval Shop

Summer leaf suddenly heard someone shouting for help, from the bathroom side came out, the voice is particularly loud, is a girl's voice. Feng Dianzhou obviously did not hear any sound. He looked at Xia Ye strangely and said, "No sound. What did you hear?"? It's not haunted, right? In broad daylight. It is true that someone is shouting for help, not haunted, but Feng Dianzhou can not hear, Xia Ye felt that it may be something shouting for help, shouting particularly urgent, but also with a crying voice. Xia Ye had no time to explain, so he hurried to the bathroom. However, the sound did not come from the bathroom, but from a dressing room next to the bathroom. Although it was separated by a door, the sound of shouting for help inside was very clear. Xia Ye immediately pushed the door, did not push, locked up from the inside. She banged on the door again and said, "Is there anyone inside?"? Would you please open the door? The person who called for help inside heard Xia Ye's voice and called for help more urgently. Feng Dianzhou, who followed him, still looked puzzled and said, "Little niece, what's wrong?" Xia Ye did not know what the situation was and could not explain it clearly. But there was a "thump" in the dressing room, as if something had knocked it down, and then a man cursed. Xia Ye kicked the door hard this time and said, "Open the door!" Then he said to Feng Dianzhou, "Kick the door open!" Feng Dianzhou did not understand what happened, but Xia Ye's expression was serious, he had no time to ask,Brushless Gear Motor, hurriedly "Dong", a foot to kick the door lock open, not to mention Feng Dianzhou strength is big enough. Sure enough, there was someone in the dressing room, and not just one person, there was a man and a girl. The girl's clothes were very messy, her hands were tied, she was pushed on the sofa, her face was full of tears, her eyes were swollen, her hair was messy,Micro Gear Motor, and she could not see her face clearly. And another man, Xia Ye and Feng Dianzhou both know each other. As soon as Feng Dianzhou came in, he couldn't help using foul language and said, "Damn, Jiang Xinlei!" Jiang Xinlei a face of panic, obviously did not expect someone to find, but also broke into the door. If Xia Ye hadn't heard the sound, I'm afraid Jiang Xinlei would have plotted against the girl. When Xia Ye rushed in, he thought the girl was Xie Nuan, but when he looked carefully, she was not. The girl was a little younger than Xie Nuan, and she was thinner, but she looked a little like him. At this time, I was too frightened and very scared. Xia Ye hurriedly ran over and tidied up her clothes, but fortunately only the coat was broken, and the skirt inside was still intact. Xia Ye took off his coat and put it on her. The girl did not know whether she was too frightened, her eyes were full of tears, her breathing was very short, but she did not say a word, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Small Geared Motors, but her mouth was shaking repeatedly. Xia Ye looked down, but saw the necklace on the girl's neck, just shouted for help, it was the necklace of the girl, no wonder Feng Dianzhou did not hear, the cry of the necklace is only Xia Ye can hear. Xia Ye looked carefully again, the girl also wore a hearing aid on the ear, I am afraid not only the ear has some problems, but also can not speak. Seeing this, Jiang Xinlei was so frightened that he turned around and wanted to run away. Feng Dianzhou reacted very quickly. He grabbed Jiang Xinlei's collar and pulled him back. Then he threw him on the ground. He raised his fist and beat him, saying: "Damn, ***ing scum, tell me what you're doing?" Jiang Xinlei is very gentle, where there is Feng Dianzhou can fight, simply a punch can not catch, immediately nosebleeds long flow, cheeks are blue. Xia Ye was a little frightened by Feng Dianzhou's violence, but scum like Jiang Xinlei was sorry not to be beaten even by passers-by. Jiang Xinlei protected his head and shouted, "Don't fight, I didn't do anything!"! Nothing has been done! Jiang Xinlei bit him and did nothing, so that even Xia Ye wanted to beat him. Later, Jiang Xinlei changed his tune and shouted, "Don't fight, don't fight, I haven't had time to do anything yet!"! Nothing has been done! Feng Dianzhou gave Jiang Xinlei a fist on his cheekbone and said, "I'll beat you to death today!"! What the *** did you just say to me? Didn't you say you would be good to Xie Nuan for a lifetime? What the *** are you doing now? Even Xie Nuan's sister dares to move! Summer leaf a little surprised, originally Feng Dianzhou know this girl, no wonder and Xie Nuan a bit like, unexpectedly is Xie Nuan's sister, is the little daughter of the Xie family, today just over eighteen years old, but generally will not appear in public, character is also very introverted. It's not that girls are naturally not easy to contact, but she had a car accident when she was a child, and then she could hardly hear or speak, so her personality gradually became very introverted, generally do not like to go out, and do not like to contact with others. Xie Nuan today to take her sister to see a movie, an appointment, but because the meeting is not smooth, we are still negotiating, so the girl to find Xie Nuan did not find anyone, to wait for a while to see Xie Nuan. Originally nothing happened, sitting in the reception room waiting for Xie Nuan, who would have thought just met Jiang Xinlei. Jiang Xinlei is really not a good man, but he is really good at pretending. He had seen Xie Nuan's sister several times before, and it seemed that he had already had evil intentions. This time with Xie Nuan to talk about business, but in the conference room met with a rebuff, the mood is particularly bad to come out, but saw the girl alone, especially Xie Nuan's sister can not speak, encounter anything can not ask for help. Jiang Xinlei saw no one, while the girl was going to the bathroom, he dragged her into the dressing room next to her. Want to play and no one to see, Xie Nuan sister will not speak, when the time comes simply can not speak clearly, where Jiang Xinlei so eloquent. Who expected that Jiang Xinlei had not yet succeeded, but was caught by Xia Ye and Feng Dianzhou. Jiang Xinlei was beaten and shouted, and a lot of people came at once. The meeting room was not far away, and everyone did not know what had happened, so they all came out to check the situation. Luo Qi found that Xia Ye was here. He hurried out and went to Xia Ye's side and said, "What's wrong?" Xie Nuan is also a little confused,Low Rpm Electric Motor, Xia Ye has tidied up her sister's clothes, but the girl cried so that her eyes were swollen, a look is not all right.