My Sweetheart Spoiled Me [Childhood Sweetheart, Present Words, Sweet Pet]

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My Sweetheart Spoiled Me [Childhood Sweetheart, Present Words, Sweet Pet]My Sweetheart Spoiled Me [Childhood Sweetheart, Present Words, Sweet Pet]

He came hard, Yu Yue also refused to give in: "That's what you mean, I hate you..." Yu Yue finished, turned and ran out. She ran forward regardless, and when she reached a certain distance, she stopped to look back and found that the boat had not caught up. Frustrated and angry, she cursed a foul boat tour, stopped a taxi and went home. When I got home, Head Yang looked at her and knew that she had quarreled with Zhouyou. Although Zhouyou has a cold temper, she has been spoiled since childhood. Looking at this situation, Head Yang decided that his own daughter was having a little temper, and the tone of his mouth was full of lessons: "Yue, a good man like Zhouyou, in the words you young people often say, you saved the galaxy in your previous life, so you can be so spoiled and loved by him.". So, don't always make trouble. If he's bored that day and doesn't want you, it's useless for you to cry. Yu Yue was so upset that even Head Yang was helping with the boat tour. Who was his own? As a result, her dissatisfaction with the boat tour increased a little. Thus, the first cold war of their love began. After dinner, Yu Yue couldn't stand Head Yang's nagging,liquid bottle filling machine, so she hid in the bedroom. She turned on the computer and wanted to write a paper to divert her attention, but she didn't type a word on the screen for half a day. Her eyes are always uncontrollably looking at the mobile phone, every ten seconds to check the mobile phone, Leng is WeChat, Q/Q, text messages, mobile phones have been checked all over, but there is no trace of the boat tour to contact themselves. She was so angry that she turned off her computer,water bottling line, turned off her cell phone, and went to bed. This night, Yu Yue was doomed to be sleepless. The next day, before dawn, she turned on her mobile phone. Wechat received last night began to jump out, Yu Yue read all the unread messages, that is, no boat tour, but received Tong Xin sent her Wechat. As soon as Yu Yue saw it, he was so angry that the volcano was about to erupt. Zhouyou found Tong Xin directly and asked her to delete the photos she took yesterday. She sent a message directly to Tong Xin on WeChat: I make my own decisions. It's not his turn to make decisions for me. I just want to be on the brochure. Two hours later, Tong Xin sent her a voice message: Yue Yue, our brochure will not be printed for half a month. You should have a good communication with your boyfriend. If you discuss it and tell me within five days, you can still go on the brochure. If you don't agree, I won't force you. Anyway, it's a precondition that it doesn't affect your feelings. Yu Yue decided to ignore the boat tour. Anyway, plastic bottle making machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, she got up early today and went out early. She hadn't told him not to pick her up, and if he hadn't planned to pick her up at all, she would have lost face. She also turned off her cell phone so that he couldn't find herself. Yu Yue returned to the company, the time is still early, she just looked at the information, in fact, did not see a word. When he was about to go to work, Wu Zhe came in in a rush. Miss Yu, so you went back to the company, and I waited downstairs for a long time. Wu Zhe said a little helplessly that the boss and his wife had a quarrel, and the worst thing was his assistant. Why did you go downstairs to my house? Yu Yue looked confused. General Manager Zhou asked me to go. He went to a city on a business trip last night, so he asked me to pick you up this morning. Didn't he tell you? Wu Zhe felt that his sandwich biscuit was very sad. Yu Yue shook his head, this person did not have half a message, how could he tell her. Wu Zhe listens, the expression on the face is a bit heavy: "Why didn't the boss tell you?"? He had a little cold before he got on the plane yesterday. Could it be that the cold was getting worse? As soon as Yu Yue heard that he was ill, his heart was lifted and his face changed. However, she refused to take the initiative to call him because of her pride, so she said to Wu Zhe, "Why don't you call him quickly to show your concern as a subordinate?" Wu Zhe: "…" Wu Zhe made several phone calls to Zhou You, but no one answered. Yu Yue in the side also can not go on, for fear that he really had some accident, she looked dignified, the boot was about to call him when Wu Zhe's cell phone rang. It's General Manager Zhou. Wu Zhe pressed the answer button with a happy face and pressed the speaker thoughtfully to let Yu Yue listen. "General Manager Zhou, are you all right?" As soon as Wu Zhe opened his mouth, he cared about his body, and Yu Yue pricked up his ears and listened, of course, pretending not to eavesdrop. There was a pause before he said, "I'm fine." When Yu Yue heard him say that he was "all right", his heart was finally relieved, but the next moment he heard him say: "Yu Yue's photos, you follow closely, absolutely can't let them on the brochure." It's about the photos again. Why does this person stare at these photos all the time? Can't she be beautiful for once? Do you have a good time? Looking at Yu Yue's sullen face, Wu Zhe finally realized how stupid his so-called intimate behavior was. She snorted, then got up and walked out. Wu Zhe looked at the back of Yu Yue, and then looked at the screen that was talking, a face of life without love. That evening, Zhouyou finally called Yu Yue. Looking at the word "husband" beating on the screen, Yu Yue felt much more relieved, but when she thought of his repeated destruction of her brochure, she was so angry that she refused his call. Zhouyou made five persistent phone calls and then stopped. Yu Yue hung up the phone smartly just now, but now he's not calling, and he's worried. For the sake of your sincerity, if you call later, I'll take it reluctantly. Yu Yue talked to himself on the phone, but the phone never rang again from this moment on. Yu Yue was so angry that he didn't sleep all night. The next day, when he returned to the company with panda eyes, he really startled Wu Zhe and Lu Yuhang. The boat trip is on a business trip. Why do you look like a party every night? Lu Yuhang joked. Yu Yue glared at him angrily and did not speak. Wu Zhe,juice filling machine, who was well aware of the inside story, looked at Yu Yue's state and felt a little worried about going on a business trip with Lu Yuhang. If anything happens to Yu Yue during his business trip, it is estimated that Zhouyou will have to settle accounts with him.