Scare you to death without paying for your life.

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Scare you to death without paying for your life.Scare you to death without paying for your life.Scare you to death without paying for your life.

It was a moonlit night with few stars, almost no wind, and the darkness where every two street lamps overlapped was covered with a silver phantom, which seemed gentle and affectionate. As I walked along, inhaling the cool midnight air, I gradually relaxed my whole body and mind. The sound that hobnail knocks is clear and melodious, with my footstep dissolve become clap, appear to have tacit understanding very much. Laughing to myself, I suspected that there was a dark ghost, and I walked easily and happily. The sound of footsteps seemed to infect my good mood, becoming light, frivolous, and hurried? Yes, it was hurried. When I woke up suddenly, I found that I was trotting. Why did I run? I seem to follow the rhythm of footsteps unconsciously, walking faster and faster. Why should I run? Why are you running? Why why run?? Stopping my steps, my breath choked, my footsteps made one more beat, I was sure I heard it very clearly, I found it very clearly-my footsteps made one more beat,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, seemed to swing in the night, echoing endlessly. Suddenly, the wind is clear and the clouds are light, there is nothing, not even the wind. "You don't look well." "Maybe I'm too tired." "It's uglier than yesterday. Look, the eyes are sunken." He came over and touched my eyebrow bone with his fingertips. I flashed him quietly, and he withdrew his hand shyly. In fact, I was secretly pleased in my heart. I liked the dignity of this love,PET blowing machine, and I liked the little exasperation behind him. I asked Aunt Mei, and she said that when something like this happens, you must not look back. Which Aunt May? Your circuitous relative? The old lady who has been reciting the Buddha for half a century? "Mmm." What can't you look back? The Dharma also teaches us to turn back to the shore. I chuckled, thinking of his prudence in introducing me to the whole family, and of the thin but tough old lady who always held a string of beads in her hand. I told her about you, and.. He covered his mouth shyly and cleared his throat. "You said your footsteps didn't match your footsteps." No turning back (2) "What did she say?" I felt warm in my heart and asked him eagerly. She said, don't look back. "Didn't you say why?" "I didn't say." I frowned with some disappointment. Ruining, listen to me, don't be an accountant, no sooner or later, life is not regular, I have enough money. As if he had made up his mind, he took my hand and said in one breath. I made a stop gesture to him and bowed my head to continue my work. Remembering that I came here to be an accounting agent at the beginning, I was self-reliant and self-reliant, Beverage packing machine ,water filling machine, which attracted this rather well-off owner. Once the relationship was confirmed, he wanted me to erase all my personality and just be the incompetent little woman behind him. I was very unhappy. I'm just worried about you. I didn't sleep well last night. He explained as he tied a Chinese knot around my wrist. It was a Chinese knot with a strange shape and a twist in the middle. A very dazzling red. What is this This is the soul knot. I studied it when I was a kid, and it's similar to the circle called Meibizi in the world. It is cut from the middle of the knot, not into a loop, but a complete, undistorted circle. It's kind of like two sides of the same coin, body and soul. The knot was on my wrist, and two cat-eye pendants hung down. His fingers lingered on my wrist for a moment longer, and I didn't get out of the way. Aunt Mei gave it to me to ward off evil spirits, and now I give it to you. I smiled gently at him, not only thanking him for his meticulous care for me. I felt that the knot on my hand was more like the red thread of the old moon, which wrapped me tightly. But I still enjoy the love of the woman's unique reserve, in his somewhat frustrated eyes, the hand without a trace of the pull away. He asked me to marry him, and I said I would think about it, but I didn't give him a reply. In the evening, I was accompanied not only by the sound of footsteps, but also by the sound of two cat-eye pendants knocking each other on the knot, which was just in the middle of the two footsteps, showing a degree of relaxation. Everything is calm. I looked at the knot on my wrist and thought, is there really such a God? Then I thought, walking and waving is a degree of relaxation, why bother to impose it? Maybe the reason for everything is just because I'm too tired. A strong wind rolled up behind me and pushed me half forward two steps. The two cat's eyes knocked together and made a broken sound. I looked back warily and saw a fog floating behind me, which seemed purple but not purple, white but not white. The cat's eye pendant clicked again for no reason. When I picked it up, there was a crack inside. How many times have I told you not to turn back, not to turn back? "How do I know what happened if I don't look back?" "There are a lot of things that can't be turned back." "What can't you turn back?"? If you say so, no one has a chance to change. "I mean.." "Is it a lie that the return of the prodigal son does not change gold?" "No." "What the Buddha said about turning back to the shore is also a lie!" "You are unreasonable!" He was robbed by me and almost lost his mind. As soon as we were born, it was an alley to die, no one could turn back, and the past time, the things that had been done could not turn back, and I fell in love with you, I cared about you, but also could not turn back, I could not pretend not to know, not to care about you.. It was the first time I saw him say so many words in one breath, and his momentum was like a rainbow, and he did it at one go. He was so angry with me that he stared at me and rushed out of the office stubbornly. I promise you. I had mixed feelings in my heart, and when I saw his back, I blurted out, "We will get married in the Spring Festival." He looked back at me with a look of surprise and delight. Twenty-six nights before the Spring Festival, I finally finished the account of my boyfriend's company. The wedding date had been set, and I was wearing the Chinese knot rope he had given me on my wrist and the engagement ring he had given me on my middle finger. I have a plan in my heart. I have finished a lot of things. Tonight, I will also make a break with the disturbing footsteps. Calm walking,water filling machine, but the footsteps are slowly becoming messy. I stopped. "Whatever it is, get out!" Accompanied by a drink, I turned my head and saw another self in suffocation.