Return Love to Satan President: Lovers Only Do One Hundred Days

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Return Love to Satan President: Lovers Only Do One Hundred DaysReturn Love to Satan President: Lovers Only Do One Hundred Days

After a pause, Xia Zhi sighed, dipped some water in a cotton swab, wiped Wang Wanwei's chapped lips, and sighed, "Why bother!"! For a man? Wang Wanwei, how can you become so stupid? Where is the smart and handsome female lover? Moving the corners of her mouth, Wang Wanwei looked at Xiao Zitang, who bowed her head and kept silent, and smiled coldly, "Where is it?" I died at the hands of my best friend. Xiao Zitang trembled, clenched his fist tightly, and his nails pricked his palms. But No matter how painful it is, it won't hurt more than cutting your wrists. "It's not what you think!" Xia Zhi hurriedly explained, "Xiao Zitang is also involuntary, she did know Liao Cangyi before, but who would have thought that Liao Cangyi would be so bad that he would drag you into the water." In short, you believe that she has been protecting you, she is the last person who wants you to get hurt! "Oh.." Wang Wanwei closed her eyes, not to look at Xiao Zitang's painful eyes, smiling, "then why not go?"? Found that Liao Cangyi bought our company, but also use me as a catalyst for your feelings-why have to stay in the company! What did she do at that time when I was self-righteous and advertised how happy I was? She just looked on coldly. Are you all waiting to see my jokes? "No!" Xia Zhi was a little angry. "Do you think she doesn't want to go?"! Liao Cangyi that bastard threatened her,Stone Honeycomb Panel, if she dared to go, he immediately sent you to hell! That's what he said! Chapter 179 decision After listening to Xia Zhi's words, Wang Wanwei laughed softly, and the sharp laughter scattered in the empty ward made people's hair stand on end. Remember this: She opened her eyes and looked at her two friends? Send me to hell? How can my life and death be so worthless that you throw it around like a bargaining chip? It's ironic that I thought I had found happiness and shared it with my good friends. You must have been laughing at me at that time. Xia Zhi, I did not expect, even you know, only me, only I am so stupid,Marble Granite Price, always be played around. "I've already warned you that Liao Cangyi is not a simple man-you have to recognize him yourself." Xia Zhi held Wang Wanwei's cold hand and thought about it, "You won't put all the blame on Xiao Zitang, will this matter become like this, in addition to Liao Cangyi that big bastard, each of us also has the responsibility that can not be left behind.". I shouldn't have hesitated to hide it, and you shouldn't have been cheated so easily. But I feel instead, Xiao Zitang is the most innocent, she is caught between that man and you, this period of time really suffered a lot. "Is it?" Wang Wanwei turned to look at the pale Xiao Zitang and bent the corners of her mouth. "Is she bitter?"? I think she's very happy, and she's happy to go to a room with a man. Seeing Xiao Zitang's body suddenly trembling, Xia Zhi angrily turned to look at Wang Wanwei, "You're enough!"! It's just a man! As for this! Liao Cangyi doesn't love you. He loves Xiao Zitang. Can't you let go in a natural and unrestrained way? "I would have let go before." Wang Wanwei laughed softly, but her eyes were full of pain, "because I never met a man who fascinated me so much before-not afraid of your jokes, I really fell in love with Liao Cangyi.." Not because he is rich, I simply fell in love with him. Sometimes it is bad, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Agate Slabs For Sale, but it is so bad that people feel distressed. Sometimes it is gentle, and it is too charming when it is gentle. I like to see him in a daze, at that time he did not have the usual cold pride, very lonely, very lonely, at that time I want to hug him. I also like to see him act shamelessly like a child. At the beginning of his pursuit of me, he really spent a lot of thought, which touched me very much. So it's only been a week since I accepted him.. Now it seems that he was lying to me, he just wanted to use me. But what to do. Even if he lied to me, used me, hurt me, I just can't stop thinking about him. When I just got home, I swore to myself to be strong and forget him with dignity. But I can't do it, even if I cut my wrist, watching the blood drip out, I can't feel the pain, and this nightmare won't wake up. Then I thought, just die. If he dies at this time, can he still remember me a little bit? Listening to Wang Wanwei's painful confession, Xiao Zitang's tears kept flowing, walked over, knelt gently beside her bed, held her hand, and her voice trembled, "I'm sorry.." Looking at Xiao Zitang's appearance of guilt and desire to die, Wang Wanwei's eyes rolled down a tear, "Xiao Zitang." If it were anyone else, I would have fought her with a knife. But you, I can only angrily say something that hurts you, but also hurts myself. I know I'm worthless in Liao Cangyi's heart, but can you understand the pain? Originally thought that he was the happiest person in the world, the most precious west in his hands, but suddenly, turned upside down, nothing, his most proud happiness turned out to be a fantasy, his most precious west has become someone else's.. No more.. There's nothing left. I really don't know what other choice I have but to die. Looking at her in such pain, Xia Zhi also fell into silence. Xiao Zitang rubbed the tears on his face with the back of his hand, and his heart was as painful as a knife. He murmured, "I'm sorry, Wanwei, I'll leave. I can't be with Liao Cangyi. Don't do anything stupid. I'll go. Your West is still yours.." "Fool!" Seeing that Xiao Zitang was confused again, Xia Zhi hurriedly stopped him. "Have you forgotten what I said to you?" Wang Wanwei blinked gently and her voice was sad, "Where can you go?" Where you go, I'm afraid Liao Cangyi will follow you. As long as his heart does not die, what is the use of his people. Xiao Zitang held Wang Wanwei's hand tightly, the last drop of tears in her eyes ran out, and she raised her eyes with the firmness of burning out her life. At that moment, Wang Wanwei's heart trembled. "I have a way." Xiao Zitang stopped choking, his voice was surprisingly calm,white marble mosaic, looking at Wang Wanwei, she repeated again, "I have a way to make him give up." 。