Sheng Long Dao _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

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Sheng Long Dao _ Blood Red _ txt Novel ParadiseSheng Long Dao _ Blood Red _ txt Novel ParadiseSheng Long Dao _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

In the endless killing, Jester's flame has changed again, the temperature is higher, the color has tended to black, or colorless flame, but the temperature is too high, the flame absorbs all the brilliance nearby, so it looks black. With their increasing strength, Jester became bolder, and after brutally torturing several captives, they targeted the important stronghold of the Mohta family, which was the residence of a great Lord who controlled a large area of territory and belonged to the Mohta family. Even at the critical moment when thirty families deployed their troops, the defense here was not relaxed at all, and none of the blood clans were drawn out from here. Most of the books related to the Moheta family, as well as the secret magic books, are hidden here, which is really not to be lost. Jester flicked his finger and snorted coldly. "All right, Skye, get ready to work.". I launch the holy light, and then pester their immediate boss, you as soon as possible to kill those small roles, then, cooperate with me to deal with their leader. According to the statements of the captives, this guy is not easy to deal with. He is said to be the brother of the head of the Mohta family, isn't he? Skye licked his lips greedily. "The master's brother?"? That is to say,temperature screening kiosk, he has a stronger power, a richer essence of life, which is absolutely good for our strength. Hey hey, we have exceeded the strength of the Lord, but we don't mind reaching the top level of the blood clan here in a short time. Jester also Yin laughed a few times: "Your blood clan is really convenient, as long as the vicious hand, it is easy to improve themselves.". We can't, well, if we want to improve our power,touch screen digital signage, aren't we going to plunder other people's yuan Ying? That won't do. How did Jester know that plundering other people's yuan Ying or inner alchemy to improve their skills was also a common thing in the monk world. Des licked Sharp's paw lightly and said in a dark voice, "All right, get ready to go. Well, there are 1372 people patrolling outside.." I can kill them in three seconds. Skye assigned the task to: "So, Des to kill the patrol, they are the highest level of the Duke, you kill them as soon as possible, do not let them sound the alarm.". Farr, you follow me, fight from the west of the highest tower, no matter how senior the other side is, kill them together, do not give them a chance to fight back. Boss Jester starts the Holy Light, and then entangles the brother of the Lord of Moheta. When we kill all those garbage blood clans, we can enjoy a good meal. Ace licked his lips and reminded Jester: "Jester boss, you must remember, do not kill that guy, facial recognization camera ,touch screen kiosk, we want to absorb the essence of his life." The seven vampires have always been a little worried about the guy who is likely to destroy his own'delicious food 'since Jester suddenly lost his temper half a month ago and turned thousands of high blood clans into ashes in an instant. Jester smiled, and the'dragon dagger 'in his hand easily danced a sword flower out. He said, "Don't worry, I won't let your food turn to ashes this time. Are you ready?"? I'm going to start. Skye and the seven guys spit out the cigarette in their mouths, put on a pose that they thought was handsome, and then laughed: "OK, sir, do it." Jester had a very sacred, solemn, solemn expression on his face, and began to recite the familiar incantation, and a great holy power gathered on him, ready to spread out. Skye suddenly shouted in a nervous whisper, "Stop, Jester, stop. Do you feel that?" Jester had stopped the spell, dispersed his huge holy power, stared at the sky, and whispered, "Of course, of course I feel it. What a powerful dark magic! What's going on?"? It seems, it seems that someone is blocking the whole planet. Oh, my God, who has such great power? Sky's body flashed a black light, his figure blurred, and he appeared in place again. He was shocked: "Terrible, terrible power. The whole space is blocked. I can't move out in an instant. Who is it?"? Did they find us? It's impossible. We're sneaking in. They can't find us. Jester's heart crossed and his eyes flashed fiercely. "Anyway, according to the original plan, we will directly seize their leader and ask Chekov where they are being held. It has been several months. There is no time to deal with them. Chekov may have been tortured out of shape. Humph, that bastard." Jester continued to gather holy power, and the two'dragon daggers' had sent out a slight chirp, with a thin golden light began to coil around his body. Sky's face froze, they nodded, their golden fangs bulged out of their mouths, and their fingers popped out more than ten centimeters long, golden, with black and purple sharp nails on the edge, and their eyes flashed red, looking like evil spirits. Jester had just finished reciting the incantation and was about to launch the'Purification of God 'when suddenly there was a loud voice in the air: "Lord Kakashi, please come out and meet us, will you?"? Do not hide in your castle, useless, do you think your castle defense magic array, can resist our attack? Come out and talk to me. Jester's eyes lit up, quickly dispersed his accumulated strength, quickly fell to the ground, quickly jumped, close to the castle. Sky they are quaint to the extreme, heard the voice has understood the general thing, it seems that the enemy of the Mohta family came up to the door, they do not take the opportunity to watch the battle, find some cheap, do you still have to join in? So the seven guys folded their wings behind them, followed Jester like ghosts,face recognition identification kiosk, jumped a few times, approached the castle silently, and lay on a wooded hill to watch the excitement.