Bloom, girl

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Bloom, girlBloom, girlBloom, girlBloom, girlBloom, girlBloom, girlBloom, girlBloom, girlBloom, girl

By 10:30 in the morning, Dad got up and began to brush his teeth, wash his face and shave his beard. He was still wearing a vest and shorts in front of me, and his figure was even more bloated. He asked me if I had eaten? Ate. Are you full? I'm full. Does it taste good? Delicious. Then eat tomorrow? OK. By the way, there is a pig's blood vermicelli shop on the other side of the street. I will take you to eat another day. OK. My mother went to work. Oh, I know. She said she had cooked lunch, and you could go to work after eating. Fine. He began to trim his nose hair with small scissors, and in front of me, he did not shy away from it. I wanted to tell him not to do this in the future as I did before. I'm sure it's the same when I'm not at home! But why not while I'm gone? Why can't I be here? He's my dad. He actually can. After my father went to work, I was the only one at home. I began to look through my old textbook and found a yellowed diary with only a few pages. The content of the last one is very simple: a certain day of a certain month of a certain year, rain, a certain week. Today, I had a lot of bad luck outside. When I came back, I ate takeout brought by my father and watched soap operas with my mother for a while. I felt much better. There are a few words destined to only appear in the diary, death can not say, I love you, Dad, Mom! "80" 80, you are the younger brother of Chin and Round Face. And then you really never see him again, and you wonder where he went, and he's just angry, childish, and he'll come back. He did not come back,touch screen whiteboard, you sometimes think of him, he gave you those good memories and sweet taste, and the dignity of the elders, and the love of the elder brother. Oh, stop lying to yourself. He's just your imagination. Do you really expect him to come back? You imagined him when you were in the lowest mood. Your life is full of loneliness and depression, so you created him, let him share the pain with you, let his constant fantasy distract your attention, you persuade him not to indulge in fantasy,interactive flat panel display, while enjoying his story, you are just talking to yourself, aren't you? You have been telling him the truth of your reality, the experience of your childhood friend Mengsha, the troubles in your life with others, and the difficulties in your studies. You tell him to stop looking forward to the future, stop being optimistic about the present, and stop assuming about the past, which will only lead you into more desperate situations until you can't solve them. You teach him like a brother to come back to reality! He has been telling you his story, his fabricated story, his imaginary story, his earliest puppy love, his homosexual plot, his genital worship, many of his absurd, bold, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive digital whiteboard, beautiful and meaningless fantasies.. He hid in your arms like a brother, felt your warmth, fell asleep sweetly, and had the best dreams. He has been stubborn and childish nostalgia for his age, nostalgia for his head full of dreams! Eventually you are besieged by more and more troubles in life, you once lost the ability to imagine, your brain is forced by you only to calculate and remember, you can no longer dream, fantasy, or even dream, so you lost him, he went with your innocence.. His death tells you, congratulations, you are really mature, will not be cranky! Oh, your round-faced brother, lovely brother, died, died at the hands of his brother. You really don't have the heart to tell him that you didn't grasp the last chance, that you still failed in chemistry, and that the school has informed you and advised you to drop out. You think your brother's death is meaningless and has no effect, but he will die eventually, it's only a matter of time. When you think of this, you feel great sorrow for yourself. "81" 81 You are Jean, and an old friend. I am the boss of the company, after learning about the situation, I quickly hid, hiding in a place no one would think of, hiding in a peaceful and beautiful place. I can't believe it. It was his own employee who reported him. Although I don't know who did it, I kind of admire him. He did something I always wanted to do but didn't have the courage to do it. I even sent someone to find out who did it. How popular this product was when it came on the market. All of a sudden, the company received a huge amount of capital, many powerful investors joined in, and the operation of the product was more like a carp turning into a dragon, which shocked the whole market. Later, it was gradually found that the product was defective. But the income is like a money printing machine to create profits for investors, everyone's eyes are red, no longer human, no longer hear the voice. They only look at the money, the money spent, the mouth kept muttering, that kind of expression is extremely terrible! I've come up with an improved formula. But it may cause a drop in sales. No one agrees. Not one. I saw their hateful eyes, with swords and guns in them, and they all pointed at me, and they threatened, "Do you dare to think again, do you dare to think again?"? The most precious thing in the world is not life, but money. Maybe other people's lives are not as important as money. Those who break the law, even their own lives are not as important as money. Hopefully I can find the whistle-blower before those investors do. I hope we find him alive and sound. I also hope that I will think clearly before I am found and killed by the victim, whether to surrender or continue to escape. You're Jean. You ask him which one? He said, what do you guess? You said it could be all three. He said it wasn't necessarily one of them. Do you think he has a plan for the future, no matter who he is. He said maybe it was a story and it was false. You ask him, if it's a story,interactive touch screens education, he's one of them, has he thought about it? He stopped talking. Keep your head down. His dog barked softly. Look at you. Look at him again. His dog moved gently. Rub your legs. Rub his legs again. He dared not raise his head. You dare not ask questions again. After a long time, he handed you an envelope. There is a lot of money in it. He said that he had talked with your academic affairs teachers and that you could continue to study and graduate smoothly. Put it in your hand and turn around. He pretended to be busy all the time. He pretended to be late and urged you to go home. What is his pretence for.