The years I was Mr. Yin and Yang.

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The years I was Mr. Yin and Yang.The years I was Mr. Yin and Yang.

Not to mention, she seemed to be really fooled by my unnutritious lies. She nodded her little head very seriously and then turned around. When I saw her turn around, my heart was still full of anxiety, but when I thought that now was not the time to think about these little things, I quietly unzipped my jeans. To say that I am worthless, I didn't frown when I experienced life and death just now, but now I have to urinate with Zhang Yaxin on my back, but I didn't urinate. Maybe it's because of the tense relationship. When I think of a woman standing behind me, I feel nervous unconsciously. This really makes me anxious. The more I want to pee, the more I can't pee. After five minutes of stalemate, there was still no progress, so my mind was busy thinking about whether there was any way to urinate. Whistle. That should work. Anyway, Zhang Yaxin didn't know what I was doing now, so I whistled in a low voice. Sure enough, it worked. Listening to the whistle, I couldn't help but start a conditioned reflex, shivering on my body, and then put the water on. Suddenly behind me came Zhang Yaxin's trembling voice. She asked me, "Brother Cui, why is there a sound of water? What happened?" I was so frightened that half of the water I had just drained stopped again. This feeling is really unspeakable, I do not care at this time have not finished urinating, busy pants said to her: "Do not look back!"! Just count twenty more silently! "Oh, I know," she said quickly. After pulling up my pants, I looked at the stairs that had been doused with urine and breathed a sigh of relief. I looked back and saw that she hadn't turned around yet, so I blushed and patted her on the shoulder and said to her,decorative palm trees, "Well, it's all right. We can go back to sleep now." She turned around, looked at me and said to me worriedly, "Brother Cui, what's wrong with you? Why is your face so red?" I quickly said to her: "Nothing, nothing, come with me." I was full of anxiety to carry Guan Ming this unfortunate child, and then took Zhang Yaxin to go downstairs again. Not long after, I walked out of the damn empty building. I looked at the night sky in the mountains and felt once again the feeling of a lifetime ago. Volume 1, Chapter 50, that's it. 16K Fiction Network Updated: July 20, 2010 2:11:13 Words in this chapter: 3603 It was dark and I couldn't see anything. I heard a lot of people laughing, men and women. Somehow, when I hear others laugh, faux ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, I want to laugh with them, even though I don't know what I'm laughing at. When Wang Cheng woke me up for lunch, I woke up and slept well. Today is the last day of the seven-day tour of Jingpo Lake. I had a very long seven days. A lot of things happened, and I almost put my life into it. So these seven days made me feel like seven years. Fortunately, I finally had a good sleep today. I remember that when I came back last night, it was almost four o'clock in the morning. Fortunately, everyone in the hotel was asleep, and no one noticed the late return of the three of us. After watching Zhang Yaxin return to her own room, I quietly returned to my room with Guan Ming on my back and put Guan Ming on my bed. After holding on for so long, I had almost reached the limit, so I went to Guan Ming's side, closed my eyes and fell asleep. Now I'm awake. I've been sleeping for about seven hours. It's already past eleven o'clock. Looking at Guan Ming beside him, he has not yet woken up, because he has been possessed too many times, this unfortunate child will be seriously ill when he returns to Harbin. In fact, I'm not much better. Now I have internal injuries all over my body. When I lift my coat, I find that my body is black and blue. It hurts all over when you move a little. Anyway, this is the best ending I can imagine, isn't it? In a good mood, I went to the restaurant for lunch with Wang Cheng Xiaokai. Today's lunch is really very rich, every meal here has fish, all kinds of ways to eat, including today's corn fish, how I eat like pine nut corn, but it has a fish flavor. Seeing the meal was like seeing my relatives. I was hungry, and I was in a good mood now. After I could really relax, I had a very good appetite. According to the usual practice, my brother's eating appearance was chewed by the girls at a table. But I'm not angry at all today. Dude, I'm so happy now that I don't have the same experience as these old women. Didn't Confucius have a saying? Only villains and women are difficult to raise. I thought to myself that even Confucius didn't dare to support you. Is there a man who can support you in the future? While eating, somehow, I suddenly remembered Zhang Yaxin, so I turned to look at the freshman table. See Zhang Yaxin is also eating, have to say that last night her appearance is very strong, not the average girl can do. Her complexion was still very bad, probably caused by the injury and shock of possession, and she looked very haggard. Coincidentally, when I was looking at her, she also inadvertently turned her head, our eyes together, although my eyes are not very good, but I still very clearly saw her face and emerged two groups of blush. She nodded and smiled at me. I felt embarrassed and didn't know how to respond to her, so I had to giggle and turn back to eat. After a meal, I sat on a stool and burped. Liu Mingming came over and told us to go to the nearby tourist attractions in the afternoon. It was not in vain. We all agreed with each other,silk cherry blossom tree, especially me, who was finally able to relax and must have enough fun. I took some food back to my room for Guan Ming to eat when he woke up. At one o'clock in the afternoon, Liu Mingming took us all to play in some beautiful scenery of Jingpo Lake.