Queen Ji -And then led the way

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Yin Lihua admitted that if she were Liu Yang, how would she choose when she really suspected that "the world has been settled

Yin Shi looked at her steadily, his eyes were gentle and loving, but his face was serious, "Lihua, you have married, grown up, I am not around you, your family is not around you.". Perhaps there will be greater grievances waiting for you in the future, you tell eldest brother, now these grievances and sadness, can you bear it? She smiled bitterly. "I've been so sad before. Can there be anything more sad than that?"? Is there anything else I can't bear? Yin Shi gently stroked her face and said with a smile, "This is my good sister.". Remember, as long as you can bear it, it's not a grievance. After a pause, "do you know why he had to kill Liu Yang?" Chapter 19 The Chaff Wife (4). Yin Lihua nodded slightly, "I'm confused these days, but I can guess more or less.". Big brother, tell me first. Yin long out a sigh of relief, stood up, negative hand walked a few back and forth, "one, now with him, although mostly from our old department of Nanyang county, but holding the military power is mostly from Hebei, this let him have to guard against;"; Second, if he set up Guo Shengtong as the queen, he couldn't tolerate Liu Yang to become the second Huo Guang, let him like a thorn back, but if he didn't set up Guo Shengtong as the queen, Liu Yang was too powerful,disc air diffuser, it was too difficult to appease him, maybe he just sat down and the country would change again, this is what he would never allow; this third.. He took a deep breath and exhaled again. "Whether now or in the future, if he wants to make you the queen, Liu Yang is the biggest stumbling block.". So, whether it's for him or for you, Liu Yang has to get rid of it! Yin Lihua bit her trembling lower lip and shouted in a hoarse voice, "Big Brother.." It turned out that the first day he said he was going to pave the way for her, not to lie to her, he was already paving the way for her. Yeah, she should know. He never lied to her. Yin Shi sighed: "Perhaps in his heart you are not as heavy as Jiangshan,Wall Penstocks, but at least, he put you and Jiangshan together to plan, can do this for you, enough, sister." Yin Lihua laughed and cried, "Yes, he is so gentle that he has never been a fickle person." So I think whether you are a noble or a queen in the future, he will not treat you badly. This is also the biggest reason why I trust you to enter the palace. Yin Lihua nodded, no longer able to stop the tears rolling, rushed into the arms of Yin Shi and burst into tears. No matter how now, how in the future, this deep palace road, she can only walk alone, from now on, the emperor's harem, you fight for me, you die and I die. A few days later, as expected, news came from outside the palace. Liu Yang, the king of Zhending, fine bubble diffuser ,lamella tube, made a prophecy: "After Chijiu, Gall Yang is the main one." It is said that Liu Yang falsely claimed to be ill and wanted to confuse the public; he colluded with the bandits in Mianman County with the intention of rebellion. Liu Xiu sent Chen Duwei and Deng Long, a guerrilla general, to summon Liu Yang, but Liu Yang closed the gate to prevent him from entering. Liu Xiu also sent Geng Chun, a former general, to inspect Youzhou and Jizhou with Fu Jie, to comfort the princes along the way, and ordered him to order Liu Yang. Geng Chunzhi really decided to invite Liu Yang to meet him at the post station. Geng Chun's mother was Liu Yang's clansman, so Liu Yang did not suspect him, and relying on the strength of many people, he was not afraid, so he only went with his followers. Even so, but Liu Yang in the end also dare not be careless, to the inn, he let the guards guard outside the door, in case of an accident, but only to Geng Chun prepared, more courtesy to his brother outside the door, the first ceremony after the soldiers will Liu Yang brothers all please into the house, closed the door will Liu Yang all kill! And then led the way. All of a sudden, the whole city was in shock and terror, and no one dared to do anything, allowing Geng Chun to go in and out at will. No matter this "after red nine, galls Yang" is true or false, but after all, Liu Yang was killed by Liu Xiu for the crime of rebellion. After pulling out the thorn in the heart, Liu Xiu again appeased the two clans of Zhending Liu and Guo. He thought that his rebellion had not yet been done and was killed, so he no longer investigated the crime of his clans, and then named Liu De, the son of Liu Yang, as the king of Zhending. At this point, the matter of Liu Yang came to an end. King Zhending, who had been famous for a time, was finally killed easily by his most proud niece and son-in-law in his arrogance and arrogance. Since then, really set Liu no longer dare in front of Liu Xiu or above the court wild and presumptuous, cautious, self-protection first. Yin Lihua sat on the stone steps and listened quietly to Fu Mi's statement. She couldn't help suspecting that the man who had destroyed the whole Zhending Liu and Guo clans by talking and laughing in the court was really her first gentle uncle Wen, who always had a warm smile? In any case, she could not understand why Liu Yang chose to rebel in a hurry at this time? Feeling in reason is not appropriate, if he had a plan, why wait until now after Liu Xiu fully fledged on the throne? Now it seems that his rebellion, is bound to be with Liu Xiuyi emperor double noble, after the delay. Chapter 19 The Chaff Wife (5). Guo shengtong gave birth to the emperor's eldest son, and behind the Hebei zhending forces, the identity of the position should be made for the queen, but Liu Xiu did not mention after the matter, this in Liu Yang's view, how is not Liu Xiu in and he empty and snake, make is an expedient measure? After all, it was recorded in the history of the Ming Dynasty that the fox was sad when the rabbit died, and it was inevitable that such things would not happen to him. Yin Lihua admitted that if she were Liu Yang, how would she choose when she really suspected that "the world has been settled, I should cook"? Although he is not Han Xin, but will not fall into the fate of Han Xin. Therefore, it is inevitable to strike first. What's more, Liu Xiu's preference for himself is so obvious, how can Liu Yang not feel cold? Perhaps this is what Liu Xiu really want-against Liu Yang, give yourself a reason to kill him, give the world a Liu Yang will die. Such means and sophistication. Yin Lihua suddenly shuddered, was this the man she had chosen? She knew that he had been pushed into this situation step by step, and she knew that he did not want to do so, but when he really seized the power of life and death, and could let life die in the blink of an eye, she felt that he was so terrible. In other words,Lamella Plate Settler, she never understood him. He came to his senses, sighed, and asked Fu Mi to go on. What else? 。 khnwatertreatment.com