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Shirley Yang saw that Fatty and I were still sleeping soundly, so he prepared to go to the edge of the woods to pick some wild fruits and fungi so that he could take them back to wrap his stomach.

Shirley Young explains: According to the Book of Kings, It is recorded that the kingdom of Sheba, which belongs to the black race, is an ancient kingdom located in the north of Ethiopia. Its queen, Makna, governs the country well. The territory of the kingdom is expanding and the contacts with the surrounding countries are extremely close. At the same time, King Solomon was the most famous king of the ancient Jewish state of the United Kingdom of Israel, with a great empire from Egypt to the Euphrates River. The queen of Sheba admired King Solomon's wisdom and came to Jerusalem with her servants, spices, precious stones, and gold. During the meeting, she asked King Solomon many questions, and King Solomon answered them to her great satisfaction. King Solomon's erudition, the splendor of his palace, the sumptuousness of his banquets, and even the exquisite costumes of his servants all made her "lose her mind". As soon as they met, they were overwhelmed by each other's appearance and intelligence, and they fell in love with each other. Later, on her way home,mirror stainless steel sheet, the Queen gave birth to a mixed-race son named Ebner # 183; Hakim. , meaning "the son of wisdom". The son later succeeded to the throne as Menelik I. He knew where he came from, and after he ascended the throne, he went to Jerusalem to visit his father, King Solomon. When he left Jerusalem for home, King Solomon sent some young Israelites to escort him. These Israelites later settled in the kingdom of Sheba and intermarried with the natives. Menelik I and the descendants of these Israelites became the ancestors of "Beta Israel". The so-called "Beta Israel" is the self-proclaimed of black Jews, meaning "the homeland of Israel". In addition,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, according to the unofficial historical records of the White Jews, King Solomon later lost the power of the earth's eyes overnight because of his partiality and injustice in a parent-child incident. King Solomon's secret of immortality was also cracked, and soon his body aged and died of depression. In order to maintain the prestige of King Solomon, the people of his kingdom declared that after King Solomon ascended to heaven, he was under the door of God and granted the title of God of Justice. As for Menelik I, the "son of wisdom", there are not many historical records. Unexpectedly, in order to achieve the deathbed regret of his biological father, King Solomon, he moved mountains and filled the sea, forcibly imprisoned the earth's eyes, and created a thousand-year-old ice tomb here with his own body. I nodded. So that's it. It seems that the golden ice corpse in the tomb is the body of Menelik I. Probably in order to commit a crime, he gouged out his own eyes, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, buried them in a coffin, and blocked the ice core in order to atone for his sins and complete the imprisonment of the earth's eyes. And in order to enjoy the magic power of the earth's Yin eye, there is no sacrificial body in the ice tomb. Unfortunately, it seems that there is something wrong with the construction of the tomb, and there is no saint like King Solomon. Cried the fat man, "No, there is an ice coffin of the king of dolphins.". With these words, he took out the ice coffin from his backpack. I said, "We all guessed wrong. If you look carefully, there are not real dolphin bones in the coffin.". In the sunshine, there is only the shadow of a dolphin skeleton in the small coffin of ice jade. Had it not been for the extremely bright deep purplish red streak at the end of its long snout, we would hardly have seen the complete skeleton at all. I explained that this small ice jade coffin should be called the Cold Essence Gathering Soul Coffin in the "Ghost" Volume of the Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art, which is made of ice marrow for ten thousand years and is very rare. There are many kinds of soul coffins, which can be used to imprison different kinds of souls with different powers. And this cold spirit coffin is specially made to imprison the spirit of the king of dolphins. That is to say, the coffin is not the remains of the ancestor of the king of dolphins who saved us as we imagined before, but the spirit of the king of dolphins himself. Because this thousand-year-old ice tomb was built on an isolated island in the vast ocean, the extremely cold Yin vein of the earth's Yin eye and the ocean's water vein itself are mutually exclusive, so Menelik I did not know how to collect the spirit of the king of dolphins and sacrifice it in the ice tomb to ease and restrain the extremely cold attribute of the earth's Yin eye. Shirley Yang nodded in agreement and said, very likely. The dolphin has the laudatory name of "wise old man" in the sea, and is one of the best primates in the ocean. The spirit of the king of dolphins is simply equivalent to the magic spirit of the ocean aquarium. After listening to a long speech by Shirley Yang and me, the fat man said, "it seems that the old boy with strange eyes and ice corpses spent a lot of energy before his death to deal with his own affairs after death.". But what about the dark green ore that can restrain the ice charm. I thought about it for a long time and said that it was a kind of meteorite falling from the sky. It might be the Yangzhi Jade mentioned in the Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Geomantic Secret Art, also known as the Magic Jade. It was said that it was the incarnation of the nine suns shot down by the archer Hou Yi in ancient times. It contained rich unknown positive ion materials, so it could restrain the true Yin cold of the earth's Yin eyes. Generally speaking, the geographical selection of Western tombs is relatively rough, far less prosperous and delicate than the Oriental geomantic theory, nor the theory of dragon and elephant, but it also has its own theory. In the final analysis, Wanliu Guizong is based on the division and trend of the earth's great pulse, mixed with the ideological understanding of different regions and different periods for thousands of years, inherited, analyzed and practiced from generation to generation. Volume 1 Cape Tomb Chapter 26 Escape from Heaven (3) I turned around and asked Shirley Yang, where did you go yesterday morning. It turned out that when I woke up early in the morning, Shirley Yang saw that Fatty and I were still sleeping soundly, so he prepared to go to the edge of the woods to pick some wild fruits and fungi so that he could take them back to wrap his stomach. Unexpectedly, as soon as she reached the edge of the woods, Shirley Yang found a big wild rabbit looking for food outside the woods near the sea cliff. It seems that this overseas island has been deserted for a long time, and when the hare sees Shirley Yang still looking down for food, it does not have the fear of running away that ordinary people imagine. Shirley Yang was overjoyed and thought that there would be a rich meal of game for the three of us to fill our stomachs. At that moment, she had the idea of catching rabbits. By the time she reached the edge of the forest, the hare had turned to look for food and entered the dense forest. Yang Yigao, Shirley, was so bold that he chased us directly into the dense forest without waking us up. Unexpectedly,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, after three turns and two turns, the wild rabbit disappeared, and Shirley Yang found herself trapped in the dense woods and could not get out.