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She looked at Empress Liu, who was not good-looking, and said, "Sister also said that Liu Xinai is not sensible.

"I didn't mean that." At the moment of tension, Liu Xinai suddenly said, "I just don't like her. I don't mean not to listen to your majesty. I.." Neither have I.. No Beautiful peach blossom eyes, looking at the cold eyes of the moon swept over, suddenly no half a day, can not take the following words. Zuo Xiang listened to his eyebrows moving slightly, and his anger immediately converged. Then she smiled at Liu Yue and said, "So it was the granddaughter who made a mistake. Miss Murong, you shouldn't listen to the child's words. Besides, the granddaughter didn't mean to despise the emperor. I believe that when it comes to the emperor, the emperor won't blame him. The left prime minister's mansion dare not bear this charge." After a pause, he went on to say, "As for slandering the important officials of the court, I'm afraid I'll say it casually. General Murong will come to the door in person, so as not to hurt the harmony between you and me.". Xing Shi Wen Sin 11 And to Miss Murong disrespect, this heart Ai should be punished, how can there be no rules, heart Ai, come quickly, give Miss Murong a wrong. Speaking of this, he turned his head and called out to Liu Xinai. In a few words, to resolve the blame of the moon, left so decades of experience, is not mixed in vain. Liu Yue has long been very clear, today want to rely on Liu Xinai's slip of the tongue to move to the left, simply do not want to think, those flowers are just bluff, her purpose is not this. Apologize,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, that's enough? Cold words spit out, Liu Yue held the soft whip in his hand, raised his feet against the back of his chair, and sneered. What do you mean, Miss Murong? Zuo Xiang put his hands together in his sleeves and looked at Liu Yue. I mean, it's not the godfather's fault, Zuo Xiang, you don't think that's it, do you? The corners of the mouth outlined a cold smile, and the whip in Liu Yue's hand was straightened with a bang. Zuo Xiangwen frowned tightly,Magnesium Oxide powder, and it seemed that his avoidance of the heavy would not work. Looked up a deep look at Liu Yue, this woman is only thirteen years old, how the mind is so careful, but the momentum is so pressing, if let her grow up, that. "It's up to the master to beat the dog. Murong Liuyue's scolding is not for nothing." His eyes narrowed slightly and there was a flash of red light inside. The child's words should not be listened to, well, this princess does not haggle with her Liu Xinai, or that sentence, if this princess can not get a satisfactory reply today, this left prime minister's mansion, Xu Jin, not out. Extremely arrogant voice, liuyue black whip a wave, horizontal in front of the door of the left prime minister mansion. The face is cold, but the mediocre face exudes a pressing spirit. Zuo Xiang listens to Liu Yue to take his words to stop his mouth, at that moment tightly frowns, did not make a sound. For a moment, the sky was silent. There were not thousands of people around, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, but hundreds of thousands, but no one spoke. On this side, the sound of the needle falling to the ground in an instant could be heard. Silence, hold each other in pairs. And at this time the palace is also very lively, Tianchen Palace, Tianchen Emperor Xuanyuan Yi, at this time rubbing eyebrows looking at the front of the harem Shuangxiong, Empress Liu and Chen Guifei, face raised a wry smile. He only thought that Liu Yue was a child, and that he had been bullied and beaten back, so he agreed not to intervene. Xing Shi Wen Sin 12 There think of this Liu Yue courage is bigger than the day, act absolutely, unexpectedly blocked to the left prime minister mansion, also hit the left prime minister mansion a person also break through, really let him do not know how to say. Your Majesty, you have to make decisions for your concubines. A left prime minister was blocked by a child and went out. My father has no face. We all have no face in Tianchen. Empress Liu looked at Xuanyuan Yi plaintively and said in a deep voice. To be the master, he also wanted to be the master, but he promised Liu Yue first. Now how can he go back on his word? I promised not to interfere in her affairs and let her beat her back. Xuanyuan Yi rubbed his eyebrows again. Now that she's been beaten, what else does she want? Empress Liu's plaintive face hid a trace of anger. Can you beat the people of Zuo Xiangliu's generation? Chen Guifei, who was slowly rubbing Kou Dan, slowly asked the man behind her. No, it was only some servants who were beaten. None of the masters of Zuo Xiangfu was beaten. Even Miss Liu Xinai, who was not inferior to others, was not beaten. The man behind him immediately came forward and answered. Chen Guifei nodded. There were no superfluous words, but the meaning was already there, promising her to play the willow generation, which had not yet been played, and the promise could not be kept. Xuanyuan Yi sat between the two imperial concubines, listening, in a dilemma. When Empress Liu heard this, she frowned. She turned to look at Concubine Chen and said, "Sister, Liu Xinai is still not sensible. If she hurts someone, she should be punished. If Liu Yue takes the lead, she will be punished. The Ai family will never say a word of protection. This involves my father's Zuo Xiangfu. What does this mean?" When Concubine Chen saw that Empress Liu had called her name, she raised her head with a smile on her face and said with a smile, "That's right, Li. What did Liu Yue say?" "It's not the godfather's fault. Since the child has done something wrong, it's natural to ask the adults for justice." Li, who was behind Concubine Chen, immediately bowed and replied quickly. Hearing this, Concubine Chen nodded her head with a smile. She looked at Empress Liu, who was not good-looking, and said, "Sister also said that Liu Xinai is not sensible. She is still not sensible at the age of sixteen. Naturally, Zuo Xiang didn't teach her well. Although Liu Yue is young, she has already been married. That's an adult. How can an adult haggle with a child? Naturally, she is looking for an adult to solve it. Sister, don't you think so?" Slow words, almost to the empress Liu gas vomiting blood, but a word of refutation can not be found. Xing Shi Wen Sin 13 Silence half ring, Liu queen also know today can't get good to go, didn't think liuyue young, mind is so close, let her left the house today eat a big loss, became the laughing stock of the imperial city. After a pause, Empress Liu took a deep breath and looked at Xuanyuan Yi, who had not spoken. She said softly, "Your Majesty, in that case, please mobilize the nine prefects and the garrison troops in the capital to disperse the people watching the scene of bustle. How decent is it to gather people like this?" Xuanyuan Yi looked at Chen Guifei,Magnesium Oxide price, who had no objection, and nodded: "That's all right.." "Father." Before he had finished speaking, Prince Xuanyuan Cheng strode in and interrupted him.