Super brain -Ye Yang's face changed slightly

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Ye Yang's face changed slightly, and he felt the powerful force of death from the attack. Darkness filled his surroundings, and the dark forces began to melt around Ye Yang.

Ye Yang's face showed a trace of cruel color, he roared, his hands clapped, the two big hands fiercely pulled out, the black tiger was directly torn into two halves. King Zhan's face suddenly changed, his pupils slowly closed, the eye in the middle of his head suddenly opened wide, and a black light burst out of it. At first the light was very thin, and then it gradually became stronger. The black light rose into the sky, and suddenly there was a rumbling sound in the sky. Suddenly, the black clouds that had been dispersed before billowed up again and filled the whole sky in an instant. Behind the war king is a mysterious network connected with the sky, and a terrible force slowly wakes up from his body. Previously, his power was not perfect, but now, it is the awakening of the true power of the king. Ye Yang's pupils also shrank slightly, and he also felt the strength of this force. Although his strength is now comparable to the super SSS level, but now still feel that the war king is stronger than him. And his state can not be maintained for too long, we must make a quick decision. Ye Yang snorted and waved his hands, forming several huge energy spears in front of him. His hand waved again, and the energy pike blasted at the war king. Twenty meters away from the king of war, the energy pike suddenly burst open, from which more small energy guns were separated, overwhelming the past toward the king of war. With a snort,tape measure clip, the king of war put his hands together, and countless powers poured into his hands, forming a black ball. He smashed the round ball into the long gun that rushed towards him. The two collided with each other, sending out a huge explosion, the power of the explosion spread to a diameter of 100 meters, and the aftermath was a direct impact on the entire Qingbei University, a section of the wall was washed out. Such a big noise here has already alarmed everyone at Qingbei University and people outside. Now it is said that two immortals were fighting in Qingbei University, and someone climbed up a tall building to watch with binoculars. Seeing the power of the battle,Fish measuring board, now no one dares to approach again, everyone is evacuated from Qingbei University. At this point, no one will think it's just fake, just making movies again. Look at the broken buildings that have been beaten, and the ground has been lifted. Suddenly, the whole ground under Ye Yang's feet rose and turned over directly. The power of the war king can even change the terrain. The king of war rushed fiercely toward Ye Yang, and he even wanted to fight with Ye Yang. Ye Yang dare not be careless this time, the war king is now completely super SSS level power, but previously can not be compared. His pupils shrank slightly, his feet kicked, and he rushed toward the king of war. The two men's fists intersected, and in the middle of their fists, a white energy mass formed, dazzling. The power contained in this energy mass is enough to flatten a small mountain directly, which is the result of the hybrid power of two people. Hybrid forces like this are the most unstable, and sure enough, Surveyors tape measure ,Walking tape measure, the light kept swimming, and then exploded. It was another big explosion, and a 10-meter-deep, 200-meter-diameter, radiating crater had already appeared in the middle of Qingbei University. There was a big battle going on here, and outside, the army had already sealed off the university town. But even so, the war here will be known to the world. After all, although it can prevent the people, it can not prevent the snooping of satellites in the sky. There was another loud noise, and Ye Yang and the war king's attack met again. Ye Yang stood still and looked coldly at the war king. The corners of his mouth slowly turned up, his hands stretched out, and a strange force began to spread around him. PS: (Beg flowers, beg to subscribe, beg to reward, beg to keep. Finally these days, the small boundary hopes to reward flutters red, the money rolls in. Heh heh.) Chapter 606 a knife falls into the city (a watch for flowers) Strange power appeared around Ye Yang's body. The pupil of the war king shrank suddenly. Ye Yang looked around, shook his head and said, "I don't want to fight here.". Indeed, with their current strength to fight here, they may completely destroy half of Yanjing. King of the war slightly turned up the corners of his mouth, stretched out his hands, and said arrogantly: "Don't bother, I will end this battle before the battle is launched again."? Dou ”。 Before he had finished speaking, he was slapped in the face by Ye Yang and rushed out. A powerful force burst out from Ye Yang's palm, and the war king flew out of Yanjing. Outside the city of Yanjing, there are high mountains. Ye Yang stood on the top of the mountain and looked at the war king who had been beaten into the mountain by him. Suddenly, the mountain swayed, then collapsed, and the king of war rushed out of it, his whole body full of momentum. His one eye was shining in all directions, and with his loud roar, a dead light filled the sky in an instant and rushed towards Ye Yang. Ye Yang's face changed slightly, and he felt the powerful force of death from the attack. Darkness filled his surroundings, and the dark forces began to melt around Ye Yang. With a snort, Ye Yang's powers burst out all over his body, contending with the dark curtain. But at this time, that war king did not stop, he did not hope that this kind of strength can defeat Ye Yang now. In his eyeless eye, there were red drops flowing out. These drops are not blood, but a kind of insect called the power worm, whose greatest function is that it contains some powerful power. The warlord actually used his damaged eye to cultivate the insect, only to see him stick out his long tongue and swallow the droplet in one mouthful, and then his whole body turned blood red. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and the dark curtain that wrapped Ye Yang inside was completely broken. With Ye Yang as the center, a circular halo with a diameter of hundreds of meters is formed. This is the field, Ye Yang's field. After entering the SSS level, there will be fields,Wheel tape measure, and Ye Yang is no exception. This is the first time that he has exerted the power of the realm, and the powerful power of the realm has enveloped the whole sky in his realm, and all creatures entering this realm will be restricted by him.