Yashe Quanben (1-4) + Fanwai

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That doesn't look like her. At least, there would never be an extra bun on her head, and the figure would not move with her.

[This work comes from the Internet, I do not do any responsibility] Content copyright belongs to the author! If you think this book is good, please buy genuine books, thank you for your support to the author! Chapter I Dumb House · Ancient Mirror He Yiyao was fascinated to look at the round ancient mirror in the glass cabinet in front of her, and her eyes were not willing to blink. You can take it out and have a look if you like. The owner of the antique shop chuckled in a gentle tone that made people feel good. He Yiyao nodded repeatedly, although she knew that she probably could not afford this ancient mirror, but she still wanted to hold it in her hand and touch it truly. The boss opened the lock of the counter and took out the bronze mirror. "This is a rare bronze mirror with fish patterns in the Han Dynasty. Most of the bronze mirrors in the Han Dynasty are patterned with dragons, tigers, phoenixes and birds. This piece of red and green embroidery looks very good. It is said that it is the favorite of Huo Qubing, a famous general in Han Dynasty. Miss, you really have a good eye." He Yiyao carefully held the bronze mirror and stared at the four lifelike carp protruding slightly on the back. The carved patterns are simple and smooth, with different shapes, which really looks like swimming in the water. The mirror was about the size of her palm, and it was thin and light, at least much lighter than she had imagined. He Yiyao was wondering in her heart whether the bronze mirror was a fake or not, and the next second she turned over and saw the mottled mirror, but she was a little uncertain. Still smooth mirror is everywhere scratches, one by one represent the merciless baptism of the years, faintly can see her own vague shadow on the mirror,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, He Yiyao saw this vague aesthetic feeling, and unwilling to put down his hand. She walked into the antique shop by accident on her way to remedial classes, because the name of the antique shop was "Dumb House", which attracted her to come in. Curiously, she asked the boss why he was called a dumb house, and the boss replied: Each of the antiquities in the dumb house has its own story, which has been carried for many years,outdoor hot tub, but no one listens to it. Because they can't talk. So it was named Dumb House. Although it was shabby and there was no business, she knew that if all the goods in the shop were genuine, the price would be beyond her ability to afford as a senior high school student. But just as she turned to go, she found the ancient mirror. What if she wants it? She did not want to let go of the mirror, feeling that the cold touch was particularly comfortable, as if it touched a piece of softness in her heart. An absurd excuse suddenly flashed through He Yiyao's mind: "Boss, our school club is going to put on a drama and needs an ancient mirror. Can you rent it to us for a month?" She thought she was just trying to be fresh for a while, and by the end of a month, she might not like the dirty old mirror. However, even she felt that her request was too much, and when she was about to say a few more words to save it, she unexpectedly heard the young antique shop owner say a "good" word. He Yiyao stayed for a while, and then began to ask excitedly what he needed to bet and how much money was enough. As a result, 4 person jacuzzi ,outdoor whirlpool tub, the other party just asked for her student card to register, and nothing else was asked. The rent is just what it means, ten yuan. The antique shop owner said casually. So cheap? He Yiyao some regret, early know to ask the price directly. Perhaps she thought too much, and the bronze mirror was a fake. But she had already said she wanted to rent it, so she had to bite the bullet and sign her name on the registration book. She decided that if she still liked the ancient mirror after a month, she would come and ask how much it was. The young boss glanced at the registered name, his slender eyes narrowed, his slender fingers crossed the word "Yao" on the registration book, and said ambiguously, "Oh, yes, there is one more thing." "What?" He Yiyao was looking at the mirror and couldn't put it down. When she heard his words, she reflexively raised her head. One thing you have to remember is that this bronze mirror must not be wiped, absolutely not. Hearing this sentence, he Yiyao was in a trance to see the ordinary-looking boss with a strange smile at the corners of his mouth, but she did not pay attention. At that time, she just wrapped the bronze mirror and put it in her bag, rushing to the place where she made up lessons. In the evening, he Yiyao finished her homework, turned on the small lamp, took the ancient mirror in her hand, and played with it carefully. "How did ancient women dress up with such flowers?" He Yiyao looked at the blurred figure on the mirror and could not help muttering in a low voice. She looked at the mottled scratches and wanted to wipe them with the alcohol cotton cloth used to wipe the computer screen, but when her hand touched the mirror, the antique shop owner's advice suddenly appeared in her mind. One thing you have to remember is that this bronze mirror must not be wiped, absolutely not. He Yiyao helplessly put down the alcohol cotton cloth, it is estimated that this bronze mirror is really a fake, the boss is afraid that she will wipe more and more new, ha ha! When he was about to put down the mirror, a casual glance made her heart skip a beat. Because she actually found a blurred figure in the mirror. That doesn't look like her. At least, there would never be an extra bun on her head, and the figure would not move with her. "Who are you?" He Yiyao couldn't help asking aloud. No response. She breathed a sigh of relief and rubbed her eyes. Just as she was laughing at herself and was about to give up, she suddenly heard an ethereal voice coming from the silent room. You, who are you? The voice was so light that she almost thought it was her hallucination, but the next second, she stared at the mirror in her hand. …… Who is it? The voice was a little clearer this time, and it did come from this mirror. Under the reflection of the desk lamp, the scratches on the mottled mirror are more obvious, but this time he Yiyao is sure to see that the blurred figure inside is not herself. Who are you? The man in the mirror obviously saw her, too, and exclaimed. I'm not who.. My name is He Yiyao. He Yiyao softly with the old saying, face black line, oneself is not the spirit of the problem ah? Or is this bronze mirror not a fake,jacuzzi manufacturers, with a ghost sealed inside? "I am Huo Qubing." This time the voice in the mirror answered much faster, and the voice was much clearer, and you could hear that it was a man's voice. Bang! The mirror slipped from her hand and fell onto the table with a loud noise. monalisa.com