Picking up trash in a horror game.

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There is still hope! "Oh!" He was bitten again. He gritted his teeth and ran as fast as he could.

It flew very slowly, as if to lead the way for Wo Le, he quickly followed the butterfly, during which he did not encounter any strange creatures, all the way very safe. Young people shuttle through the jungle, the distance between trees is getting bigger and bigger, the interlaced roots are gradually decreasing, and the road becomes much easier to walk. Wo Le thought he was going to eat lunch boxes, but there was another village. With butterflies leading the way, everything became much simpler. The young man's mood turned better and his footsteps became more brisk. Suddenly the butterfly quickened its pace, and Wo Le went from walking fast to running, only to find that he could not catch up with it at all, and could only watch helplessly as the light grew farther and farther away from him. He refused to give up and followed the glowing butterfly in the distance for a long time. Chest began to stuffy, panting more and more heavy, he gritted his teeth and did not want to slow down, still staring at the butterfly in the air. Just as Wo Le was about to lose his strength, he finally stopped and stopped flying forward. The butterfly began to spin and stop in midair. Wo Le panted and rushed there. By the time he arrived, the butterfly had landed on an ancient mirror, which lay quietly on the interlaced roots, its wings fluttering slightly, dropping fine powder. He Le held the tree trunk, swallowed saliva,whirlpool hot tub, calmed his disordered breath, he looked at the ancient mirror, and gradually went there. Butterfly wings gradually emit sporadic spots of light, like particles flying in the air, jumping and rotating, slowly rising, light particles emit soft warm light, illuminating the whole area,endless swim spa, and finally disappear among the branches at the top of the tree. The dazzling picture lasted only a few seconds. The beautiful butterfly began to emit dazzling light. He Le blocked it slightly with his palm. In the next second, he heard a crisp breaking sound. He squinted and saw it disappear into a spot of light on the ancient mirror. [Exquisite and Ancient Mirror] Prop (can be picked up) It was a bronze mirror with several sapphires inlaid on the handle covered with hollowed-out patterns. It looked very precious. He Le quickly picked it up and started with it. The back of the mirror was carved with complicated patterns, and the light around it was gradually disappearing. He wiped the mirror clean with his clothes, but suddenly found that it was gray inside. There was no face in the mirror, and nothing could be seen. It was so strange that he wanted to throw it back to the ground, but finally he restrained himself. As the mirror began to change, the fog gradually dispersed, and a strange scene appeared inside, revealing a mysterious and dark castle, which stood in the lush forest, with high gray walls full of red roses, round towers, narrow windows, pointed red domes, solid and heavy. Suddenly, endless pool factory ,jacuzzi bath spa, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something on the branch of the tree beside him. Looking at it in reflection, he saw a pair of pupils with scarlet light in the darkness, as evil and terrible as the dead mouse's eyes by the well. He stepped back quickly, and as soon as he had moved half a step, he saw something in the shadow jumping at him! After intruding into his line of sight, he saw clearly that it was a crazy rabbit, which lived up to its lovely image in the past. Its size was close to that of a medium-sized dog, with sharp tusks and saliva dripping down at a very fast speed, like a cannonball flying towards the youth. Only then did Hele realize that something was wrong and ran in the opposite direction. Several crazy rabbits jumped out of the grass one after another. They were in hot pursuit like crazy wild dogs. They were so fast that they were about to catch up with him, but they never attacked him. At first, the young man just ran for his life without thinking about it, but when he ran askew, a new rabbit would jump out of the grass and drive him in the original direction. Experienced several times, Wo Le even if it is stupid to guess wrong, the heart is cold half, these crazy rabbits are obviously deliberately driving him in one direction, at the moment he is more like a prey in a mess, being played by hunters in applause. The thigh muscles gradually began to weaken, and the young man refused to be slaughtered, intending to fight his way out while his physical strength was not exhausted. With this idea, when he met the crazy rabbit again, he pulled out his crutch directly from the package and rushed out in front of his chest, but before he could run a few steps, the rabbits behind him were boiling! With red eyes and shrill cries, they rushed angrily to Wole and bit him on the body. hp-5。 Pain! He kicked the rabbit away and waved his crutch to repel the crazy rabbits one after another. However, there were too many of them. He was just an ordinary person. He didn't know any martial arts. His whole body was full of flaws. In a short time, he was injured in many places. The health bar is also precariously down to 60. He Le finally afraid, hurriedly covered the wound to the direction of the rabbit to drive away, but after seeing the blood of the rabbit as gentle as at first, from time to time rushed up to bite he Le. The young man's hind legs were covered with wounds, and beads of blood rolled down the skin and sank into the black soil. The health bar is still dropping. After less than 50 points, the field of vision turns completely red. Is he going to die here? What went wrong? Is it a mirror? He ran mechanically, with the rabbit in hot pursuit, and the trees in front of him gradually became scarce, until he saw a road leading away from the forest. There is still hope! "Oh!" He was bitten again. He gritted his teeth and ran as fast as he could. His hair was soaked with sweat, his breath was heavy, his mouth was dry, and he felt like he was going to faint. He shook his head and tried to wake himself up. He squinted and rushed forward, but the objects in his sight appeared double. At this point, his health bar is only 35. A few meters away from the exit, Hele was bitten twice in a row. He's just about to go cold, and his health bar is only 25! "Ah!" He raised his hand to block his head, knocked open the branches across the air, and rushed forward vigorously. The dead branches in the way were broken, making a clear sound and falling on the soft black soil. There was a dead tree in the middle of the road, about 10 centimeters higher than the ground. At this time, Hele had lost too much blood. He was dizzy and rushed forward with his last breath and desire to survive. He did not see the dead tree trunk on the ground. Not surprisingly, "cut!" As soon as the young man stepped out of the front foot,hot tub wholesale, he was severely tripped by the dead wood, and his body rushed forward because of inertia. Everything was done in a snap of his fingers, and he had no time to react!. monalisa.com