A good man is me.

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Although Yan Ze occasionally mentioned to the audience that he was really a "Yan uncle" because of his account name during the live broadcast, with his voice, no one took Yan's words seriously at all.

Yan Ze's regular fans have also begun to publicize the anchor "Uncle Yan" to the people around him, as well as his fresh and exciting live content, which has spread the situation of Yan Ze's own buff. When some people hear this, they basically don't believe that there are people in the world who are so lucky at first. They can basically meet the "Circle of Destiny" without hanging up, and they even beat many opponents who have real competitive strength in the game with extraordinary good luck. Because they didn't believe it, after hearing the passionate propaganda of Yan Ze's fans, they came to Yan Ze's live studio curiously to verify that their own guess was correct. As a result, their guess was, of course, to be slapped in the face. It turns out that there are really people in the world who are so "European Emperor" in the game! Watching Yan Ze manipulate the role of the game, with extraordinary luck, as well as fairly good operation technology, and finally often won the victory, successfully "eat chicken", these people are naturally attracted by Yan Ze's live content. After all,tile trim factory, when people watch the anchors play games, they want to experience the feeling of winning the game. What they want to see is the whole process of winning. Unless it is those who specialize in the type of humor and wit, otherwise, who would like to always watch an anchor playing games because he has no strength and always loses, in that case, it is better for the audience to become players themselves and play in the game themselves! Therefore,stainless steel tile edging, Yan Ze's live broadcast content, which finally won because of trickery, also successfully transformed most of the viewers who did not believe in evil into fans who regularly watched Yan Ze's live broadcast every day. In this way, Yan Ze succeeded in leaving thousands of fans in such a short period of time. Although this number is only a fraction for many well-known anchors, it is already a large number for newcomers like Yan Ze who have just started live broadcasting. What's more, the number of Yan Ze's fans accounts for a large proportion of the total number of viewers who have watched Yan Ze's live content. That is to say, most of the viewers who have watched Yan Zes' live content will eventually be attracted by his live content and become one of Yan Zes' regular fans. This phenomenon is very rare for the live broadcasting industry. A staff member of "Interesting Orange" also found Yan Ze's live broadcast room, and also found Yan Ze's special phenomenon. He thought that if Yan Ze could promote the live broadcast room in place, he could become another leader of their platform. He immediately reported the matter of Yan Ze's live broadcasting room to his group leader, who decided whether to sign a contract with Yan Ze. In recent years, aluminum tile trim ,china tile trim, the development of live broadcasting industry is getting better and better, and more people have gradually found the profits of this industry, so many live broadcasting platforms have gradually emerged in recent years. Although the "interesting orange" platform has always been one of the leaders in the live broadcasting industry, the competition in this industry has become more and more fierce over the years. If the "interesting orange" is still stagnant, then one day it will be overtaken by others. Therefore, "Fun Orange" also felt a sense of crisis, and gradually began to dig up new people, trying to attract and retain more audiences on their own platform. Based on this point, "Interesting Orange" is now very encouraging new people, striving to keep every potential new anchor in their platform. At this time, when the group leader heard the following staff's report on the situation of Yan Ze's live broadcast room, the group leader, after personally observing the content of the live broadcast room, decided to sign a contract with Yan Ze and planned to contact Yan Ze personally. After receiving the private letter from the "interesting orange" company, Yan Ze also felt a little surprised. Although he has this confidence, he will certainly be able to make the official offer to sign with him in the future, but Yan Zeke really did not expect the other side to find him in such a short time. Last life, the original owner did not sign a contract with "interesting orange", after all, when signing the contract, the ID card is needed, and once the original owner's ID card scanned copy is sent, then the equivalent of the original owner's age of 60 years is also exposed. So even though someone in the platform took the initiative to find the original owner to sign the contract, the original owner finally chose to refuse under hesitation. Even though the previous platform finally chose to block the original owner because of the pressure of public opinion, the original owner also understood that all this was due to his own mistakes and was not related to the platform, so the original owner did not have a trace of resentment for the platform, but also had feelings for the platform. This is also one of the reasons why Yan Ze chose the same live broadcasting platform as the original owner. The original owner had concerns about his age, but this time Yan Ze had no concerns at all. After receiving the official private letter from the platform, Yan Ze immediately explained his personal situation to the other party and asked the other party again whether he would sign a contract with a 60-year-old man like him. After the group leader received Yan Ze's reply, he was also surprised by Yan Ze's age. Although Yan Ze occasionally mentioned to the audience that he was really a "Yan uncle" because of his account name during the live broadcast, with his voice, no one took Yan's words seriously at all. They only thought that the other side was humorously joking with them, and even the group leader kept the same point of view as most of the people. Who knows, Yan Ze is really an old man! After the surprise, the group leader thought for a long time,aluminium tile trim profiles, and finally even held a group meeting with the staff to discuss whether to confirm the contract with Yan Ze. Finally, after repeated thinking, the group leader finally insisted on the same as before and decided to sign a contract with Yan Ze. jecatrims.com